10 Best Pull On Boot For Plantar Fasciitis ( June – 2022 )

Pull-on boots are better for plantar fasciitis than footwear that has laces or zippers. The reason behind this is simple: when your feet hurt even to stand alone, trying to tie the laces or close the zipper without using any external base can be painful. 

While the best pull on boot for plantar fasciitis requires nothing but to ‘pull’ it, there is no need to put any pressure on the heels to stand merely. If your job requires you to wear and un-wear your footwear immediately, laces and zippers are not a very good choice for heel injuries. 

All of this makes the pull-on boot a wonderful option for those suffering from plantar fasciitis or who have constant chronic knee, back, or hip pain, including progressive muscle stiffness, Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), inflammation, and so on. 

If all these illnesses sound familiar, then you need to try these best pull on boot for plantar fasciitis that we have put together just for you. So save your time, grab a pen and paper, and here we go!

Buyer’s guide

What should you look for in a pull-on boot? Since the priority is comfort and quality, these are the factors that make up the best pull on boot for plantar fasciitis:

  •  Arch support.
  •  Soft cushioning. 
  •  Higher Shock Absorbency. 
  •  Water-resistant material.
  •  Slip-resistant/Anti-slip material (traction). 
  •  Breathable, comfortable material.

10 best pull on boot for plantar fasciitis

1. UGG Women’s Chevonne Ankle Pull On Boot For Plantar Fasciitis

Women are 2.5 times more in danger when it comes to plantar fasciitis. Like every other disease, it takes a long time to recover; completely avoiding an active lifestyle is not an easy choice for everyone. At such a time, UGG women’s Chevonne ankle boot is always on guard to save the day! 

You can rely on it for its maximum arch support that is well-balanced by soft cushioning. Moreover, the synthetic rubber sole it comes with makes each step you take as much pain-free as possible. Speaking of quality, it is stylish and has a luxurious look but never fails to keep up with the modern requirements. 

The best pull on boot for plantar fasciitis, it has a waterproof construction and includes anti-slip technology to give you maximum benefits!

  • Maximum arch support.nSoft cushioning.nStylish, synthetic rubber sole.nWaterproof, comfortable.nAnti-slip technology.
  • Some may find it uncomfortable without socks.nNot breathable/a little tight.
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2. Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Work Boot For Plantar Fasciitis

Just because women suffer from heel pain doesn’t mean men are made of steel. So here is the best pull-on boot for those working men who are thinking of replacing their old, uncomfortable footwear with something that makes the pain go away!

Caterpillar is the name that you had been looking for. It has dynamic arch technology, meaning no more sharp stabs of pain as soon as you put even a little pressure on your heels.

The cushioning sole gives you instant relief the moment you pull on your footwear. A mixture of leather and nylon, you’ll find it perfectly water and slip-resistant.

Lastly, let’s talk about its steel toe protection which is a plus point to avoid foot injuries from ‘anything’ (cuts, burns, falls, punctures etc.) Not only that, but you’ll find them durable too!

  • Dynamic Arch Technology.nCushioning sole.nWater-resistant, slip-resistant.nSteel protection toe.nDurable.
  • Not for wider feet.nHard toebox may be uncomfortable for some.
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3. Dr Martens Women’s Belsay Ns Mid Calf Pull On Boot For Plantar Fasciitis

When suffering from plantar fasciitis, it is difficult to find the right footwear, but the struggle can often force you to wear ugly shoes. Nonetheless, Dr Martens’ pull-on boot excels in both parts as not only is it super comfortable to wear, but it is extremely stylish as well!

With its maximum arch support and extra cushioning layers equipped in the sole, you can find no other best pull on boot for plantar fasciitis. It is designed to absorb the shock to a maximum value when your foot collides with the ground. Even on rougher surfaces, you’ll feel no pain in your heels. 

What else can you get here? This footwear is extremely comfortable, breathy, has great traction and doesn’t make you regret your decision!

  • Great traction.nMaximum arch support.nExtra cushioning layers.nHigher shock absorbency.nBreathy, comfortable.
  • Not fully waterproof.nNeed extra care.
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4. KEEN Women’s Terradora Pull On Boot For Plantar Fasciitis

KEEN is a well-known brand for its effective footwear for plantar fasciitis. And while it gives its consumers the quality they deserve, no one can compete with its classy looks.

On the top comes arch support to help you stand firm on the ground and the KEEN pull-on boot has all of it. To heal the plantar fasciitis and other foot discomforts, cushioning is also a must part. Furthermore, Thermal Heat Shield makes it a wonderful option for those living in extremely cold climates.

The footwear is lightweight, comfortable, and designed to wear for hours. With the flexible material, there is no need to worry about stiff ligaments and tissues. It has great traction, and you won’t fall on the surfaces as well!

  • Arch support, cushioning.nThermal Heat Shield.nLightweight, comfortable.nFlexible, great traction.nPerfect for wintery climates.
  • Not breathable in warm climates.nWaterproof but not fully replicable for snow boots.
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5. ARIAT Women’s Fatbaby Western Pull On Boot For Plantar Fasciitis

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Imagine a scenario: you find your ‘perfect’ footwear only to realize you can no longer wear it because of its narrow construction. ARIAT understands the problems their consumers have to go through, and that is why this ‘Fatbaby’ pull-on boot is made just for your wider feet. 

The great arch supports heels your plantar fasciitis gradually. With the soft cushioning layers in the well-constructed sole, you are not going to suffer from foot injuries ever again! Also, it offers adequate shock absorbency to make sure you can stand, walk, or even run without thinking about pain in the first place. 

The crafting is extremely classy, and you can wear it anywhere you want. It is highly slip-resistant, flexible, comfortable, and compact – surely your next best pull on boot for plantar fasciitis!

  • Great arch support.nWell-constructed, cushioned sole.nAdequate shock absorbency.nSlip-resistant, flexible.nVery comfortable.
  • NOT for narrow feet.nNot fully waterproof.
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6. Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Waterproof 10″ Soft Toe Work Pull On Boot For Plantar Fasciitis

Another great pull-on boot for men! Here we present you Wolverine – a brand that never fails to heal the sufferers all across the globe, and a pull-on boot that is perfect to wear both in pleasant or harsh climates!

First things first, this footwear is waterproof even in rain, puddles, and floods. If your job requires working in water mostly, then you can blindly put your trust here. Now let’s talk about the healing features: the footwear is equipped with excellent arch support and cushioning layers.

With higher shock absorbency, you are welcome to wear it on rougher surfaces as well. Also, very comfortable to wear, Wolverine pull-on work boot is lightweight, slip-resistant, and fits the sufferers well!

  • Waterproof even in harsh climatic conditions.nMaximum arch support.nCushioning layers.nHigher shock absorbency.nLightweight, slip-resistant.
  • A little wider for narrow feet.nExcessive use can cause deterioration.
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7. Irish Setter Work Men’s Marshall Pull-On Waterproof Work Boot For Plantar Fasciitis

Sometimes you need footwear that isn’t only comfortable to wear but also can resist multiple hazards. If that should include electrical shocks, then Irish Setter’s pull-on boot is going to be your next best pull on boot for plantar fasciitis!

What is new here? The so-likely RPM technology makes it as compact as if you are walking on clouds! This also increased the durability of the footwear, but what makes it the best is the least ground impact your feet will experience.

Thus no matter where you are, with an Irish Setter pull-on boot, you can turn a painful walk into a pleasant journey without any hectic. Lastly, there is adequate arch support and cushioning. The durable sole has great traction and is wonderful in resisting water as well! 

  • Electric hazards secure sole.nRPM technology.
  • Delicate material/needs extra care.nNot made to be worn for longer hours.
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8. Ariat Groundbreaker Wide Square Work Pull On Boot For Plantar Fasciitis With Safety Leather

When you look at Ariat, all you can see are the rich, vibrant colors. But there is so much more to it, especially if you need it to heal your plantar fasciitis. So let’s explore it!

Like cowboy footwear, the Ariat pull-on boot is designed for everyone who finds arch support an issue in alternative options. Here, you can find Dynamic Arch Technology to give you maximum support.

Moreover, it also solves the problem of soles failing to provide enough cushioning because it is the 4LR (Four-Layer Rebound) technology system that makes the soles extra cushioned, comfy, and flexible!

What evil contaminants can it resist? You can count on it for protection from water and oil. Also, it has anti-slip technology and is highly compact to wear!

  • Dynamic Arch Technology.n4LR technology system.nWater-resistant, oil-resistant.nAnti-slip technology.nRich, vibrant style.
  • NOT for wider heels.nNot durable.
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9. Carhartt Men’s Wellington Waterproof Soft Toe Pull-On Leather Work Boot For Plantar Fasciitis

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Carhartt’s pull boot is all about safety. It is highly suitable for all those sufferers out there who require footwear to kick out the plantar fasciitis away. 

The arch support is excellent. When it comes to the sole, it is well-constructed and has great cushioning. The protective layers it is built with can keep your feet safe from extreme atmospheres such as storms, floods, and heavy rain. Another thing that adds to the hallmarks is the addition of a ‘soft toe’ that works the same way a steel toe does, just with the enhanced protection. 

Even on the toughest surfaces, you can rely on this best pull on boot for plantar fasciitis as it is breathable, water-resistant, and durable! 

  • Excellent arch support.nGreat cushioning.nHighly protective, durable.nSoft toe technology.nWater-resistant, durable.
  • Traction could be better.nExcessive use can cause deterioration.
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10. KEEN Women’s Kaci 2 Winter Pull-on Chelsea Boot For Plantar Fasciitis

This is the pull-on boot that will suit you most if you are a traveler. Made explicitly to help you stand on your feet for long hours, it is excellent in providing all the features you would need.

First, there comes arch support. And no doubt Keen pull-on boot is superb at that. The sole is cushioned, ensuring you no longer feel any discomfort in your foot.

However, since it is made to wear for a long time, unlike other footwear that can become stinky, KEEN Kaci 2 comes with Eco anti-odor Technology to keep all the sweating away!

Also, the leather is highly durable, comfortable, and secures the warmth within, which makes it perfect wintery footwear for treating plantar fasciitis.

  • Arch support, cushioning.nEco Anti Odour Technology.nDurable, comfortable.nSecures the warmth.nCan wear for long hours.
  • Not for narrow feet.nNot for summer.
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Enjoy your new Pull On Boots For Plantar Fasciitis

In this day and age, when plantar fasciitis is very common worldwide, footwear with laces and zippers can cause trouble if you cannot put even a little pressure on your heels. So what comes in handy here is a pull-on boot that gives you comfort and security from harsh environmental elements. 

While choosing the best pull on boot for plantar fasciitis, you can consider Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Waterproof 10″ Soft Toe Work Boot if you are a man and Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot if you are a woman. Both boots are exceptional in providing maximum arch support, cushioning, and making the least ground impact. Besides, they are also water and slip-resistant, and you’ll find them highly comfortable, flexible, and compact to wear. 

In a nutshell, a pull-on boot is a good option to treat plantar fasciitis and other foot injuries, including chronic pain and inflammation in the ankles, hip, and lower back. It also treats well progressive muscle stiffness, Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), and tight heel ligaments and tissues! 

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