10 Best Shoes For Teachers Plantar Fasciitis ( 2022 )

Let me guess. You are a teacher, and one of your main job requirements is to stand on your feet for hours, roaming through classes tending to students. Seems like a piece of cake, but we all know that doesn’t happen when you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Heel pain or any foot injury can turn any active career into a worse nightmare. Not to mention the unbearable pain which increases no matter how many times you change your footwear. If that sounds familiar, you need to try these best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis, which are equipped with all the features that a comfortable and practical pair of shoes should have to ease your foot distress.

Don’t let your plantar fasciitis ruin your profession. Instead, look at these fantastic footwear options that not only you can wear all day without hurting your feet but also gradually make the pain disappear with each step you take!

Teacher Shoes Buyer’s guide

Since teachers have to stand on their feet all the time, which is the worst possible situation if they are suffering from plantar fasciitis, the very best thing they can do to get rid of the pain is to invest in a good pair of shoes. 

It should provide maximum cushioning, arch support, and most negligible impact with the surface as constant walking can significantly worsen the aching feet.

Let us now look at the factors that determine the premium quality of the best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis in detail:

Soft cushioning

The first thing that you should look at in a plantar fasciitis shoe is the proper cushioning that is decided by the distribution of pressure throughout your foot when you wear it.

Unlike the footwear that doesn’t support the right level of cushioning, the best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis are designed to provide adequate cushioning that doesn’t let your foot get any injury when you walk or even run. Also, it depends on the surface you would stand upon, which goes side by side with your body posture – the right cushioning can fix all of it.

Lastly, the tissues and muscles in your foot also play their role equally in maintaining a healthy and active life. That is where the benefits of proper cushioning increase since it heals not only plantar fasciitis but also treats stiff tissues, strengthens muscles, and loosens up any tight ligaments.

Maximum arch support

Along with soft and proper cushioning, the arch support is what you need to look for in the best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis. It wouldn’t be wrong to let this factor take all the credit in treating foot distress, as no matter how fancy the shoe is, it is the deep, intense arch support that kicks out the pain.

Like cushioning, you should also look for arch support according to the shape of your feet. Those who have a high arch can think of shoes with mild arch support as the best option. On the contrary, the most suitable preference for a low arch should be sturdy, rigid arch support. Thus it is crucial to understand what your arch type is, and you can quickly figure it out by looking at your footprints which you would leave with wet feet on a blank paper.

Henceforth, having footwear that provides maximum arch support is a critical ingredient in the recipe for treating plantar fasciitis and also in regaining your balance!

Least ground impact

Having a shoe that doesn’t strike harder each time you take a step is highly crucial, especially if your profession requires constant walking or even strolling for a longer time. And that is why you will find all the best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis mentioned below, making the slightest contact with the ground regardless of how complex the surface is.

It would be best if you also remembered the ‘shock absorbency’ that your feet experience when colliding with the ground. Therefore, look for footwear that offers the highest level of shock absorption as this way, your pain will be lessened in no time and ultimately disappear.

On a final note, keep a check on both the shoes and your feet as the two should be according to each other. A high arch goes best with a shoe delivering mild surface contact, while a reasonable impact is most fitting with a low or flat arch.

On a final note, keep a check on both the shoes and your feet as the two should be according to each other. A high arch goes best with a shoe delivering mild surface contact, while a reasonable impact is most fitting with a low or flat arch.

Maximum arch support, proper cushioning, and the most negligible ground impact are three things most suitable to shoes for teachers with plantar fasciitis. However, there are also some other factors that you can look for in the best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis, such as a rigid heel counter to keep your foot in place. The spacious tow box of the shoe also matters if your feet are wider. And lastly, it should be slip-resistant, breathable, and with the right weight, your aching feet can carry.

10 best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis

Get ready, grab a paper and pen because we are about to dive deep into the list of best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis to help you find your next best footwear!

1. KEEN Men’s Austin teacher shoes

There is something in KEEN’s shoes that makes their customers come back to them repeatedly, and that is “quality”. Their dynamic arch support and soft cushioning make them a must-have for teachers as they don’t let your feet get hurt even if you stand for hours or walk a mile. With their sophisticated design, they are perfect to wear in the workplace and look highly professional at the same time.

Looking for more? They deliver excellent shock absorbency even when the ground is rough, and thus no matter how hard your shoes collide with the surface, you won’t feel even a stab of pain! Besides, they are also known for having wider forefoot with sturdy support – they indeed are your next best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis.

Furthermore, a routine massage with a Muscello massage gun can not only cure plantar fasciitis but also strengthen the immune system, aids muscle regeneration, increases blood flow, and enhances posture.

Another thing to point out is that since not every sufferer has the same level of heel pain, in the same way, not every gun can heal your foot discomfort. But not the case with the Mescello massager gun! It comes with three speed and intensity levels with a high-torque motor to let you adjust the machine as per your liking and with ease!


  • Dynamic arch support.
  • Wider toe box.
  • Soft cushioning.
  • Higher shock absorbency.
  • Sturdy, fixed base.


  • The rigid material can be inflexible for some wearers.
  • Delicate material/requires extra care.
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2. Vionic Women’s Aruba wedges teacher shoes

Need comfort with style? Here we present you Vionic Aruba wedges Teacher Shoes which blend both a touch of fashion and relief from plantar fasciitis. Perfect for all types of foot discomforts, you’ll walk on your heels without any pain.

Even though they have a 2.5 inches heel, they are excellent in providing orthotic arch support. Other than that, they are lightweight, breathable, and simple to wear. Perfect for long, slender feet, their sole provides maximum cushioning as well.

Now let’s discuss some other benefits that you’ll get with Vionic Aruba wedges. Including heel stability and correcting posture, you won’t be terrified by your knees, back, and foot pain anymore. They don’t cause bunions or inflammation as well and keep your feet and body healthy and sound.


  • Orthotic arch support.
  • Cushioning.
  • Lightweight, breathable, simple.
  • 2.5 inches heel doesn’t hurt the feet.
  • Stylish, perfect for casual use.


  • Narrow/curved toe box.
  • 2.5-inch wedges can be uncomfortable for some wearers.
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3. OOFOS OOmg Men’s Fibre teacher shoes

OOFOS’ shoes are your best friend if you are both a teacher and suffer from plantar fasciitis. Reason? They are made to fill all the gaps that your earlier footwear failed to provide.

That includes maximum arch support to keep your foot distress away not just when you have to stand but also during the walk. The other features include adequate cushioning, which is essential to ease plantar fasciitis as it stables the heels.

You would be surprised to know the long list of foot injuries these shoes can treat: heel pain, bunions, arthritis, neuropathy, hammertoes; as well as they are also worldwide acknowledged to relieve inflammation in the feet, knees, and lower back. Also, perfect for wider feet, they are moisture-resistant, thus an excellent option for all those teachers living in warm weather!


  • Maximum arch support.
  • Adequate cushioning.
  • Heel stability.
  • Wider, moisture resistant.
  • Can treat a lot of foot injuries.


  • Highly not recommended for narrowed feet.
  • Excessive use without proper care can lead to deterioration.
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4. KEEN Women’s Kaci teacher shoes

Keen has a special place in the hearts of suffers, and you should also check them if your heel pain doesn’t go away. They are well-structured, providing secure and comfortable arch support. The leather is highly robust and doesn’t let your foot get into a bad shape.

Also, they have a spacious forefoot, thus allowing your toes to rest. Proper cushioning is another reason they are loved and preferred as the best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis since it is the teaching staff that knows the pain of standing for hours.

They won’t require you to change your insoles either, and the feet won’t be numb wearing them. Completely worthy of your money, they will keep your feet, back, and ankles perfectly healthy.


  • Well-structured, arch support.
  • Rigid material, keep the foot in shape.
  • Spacious forefoot.
  • Adequate cushioning.
  • Perfect for winters.


  • Not suitable for warmer areas.
  • A rigid base can be uncomfortable.
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5. Skechers Men’s Expected Avillo Relaxed-Fit Slip-On Loafer teacher shoes

Ever wondered how some people in the world walk so well even with plantar fasciitis? Well, behind the curtain is Skechers’ shoes which are not just ordinary footwear but have all the features of the best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis you’ll ever need.

As a teacher, you’ll love these Teacher Shoes. Their dynamic arch technology goes side by side with soft cushioning layers to make sure you stand correctly on your feet, even for hours!

During the walk, they take the responsibility to deliver utmost heel stability and also correct your posture. And the benefits don’t just end there: they soothe muscle stiffness, provide therapeutic effects on Myofascial pain syndrome, and even alleviate spine discomfort. Besides, they are highly comfortable and compact to walk all day!


  • Dynamic arch technology.
  • Soft cushioning layers.
  • Extremely comfy, lightweight.
  • Correct posture, heal stability.
  • Higher shock absorbency, most negligible ground impact.


  • Not for wider feet/can be more rigid.
  • Overuse can fade the coloring.
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6. Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers teacher shoes

Feeling anxious about your plantar fasciitis? Try them and see how their maximum arch support, cushioning, and well-structured sole make your feet as comfortable as walking on clouds! Fantastic to go with your casual style.

They are incredibly comfy, lightweight, and offer higher shock absorbency. When it comes to the arch support, they are manufactured to provide secure support and are deep enough to give you adequate cushioning as well.

You can stand or walk for hours with them, and you won’t feel any pain or heel distress since Clarks never fails to provide ease and comfort – no doubt they are going to be your next Teacher Shoes!


  • Soft fabrication, comfy.
  • Maximum arch support.
  • Soft Cushioning.
  • Well-structured sole, higher shock absorbency.
  • Lightweight, breathable.


  • Not for wider feet.
  • Delicate material requires extra care.
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7. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip teacher shoes


Some shoes attract customers with their appearance, and then there are Merrell’s shoes which excel both in style and comfort. Made to heal all your foot injuries, they are the best shoes you can find for your plantar fasciitis. They are comfortable, breathable, and water-resistant.

Other than that, they have a robust heel counter to keep your feet in place and avoid them from rolling inwards. But what’s even better about them is their superior arch support which is excellent in treating plantar fasciitis!

There are also soft cushioning layers to ease heel discomfort while standing, walking, or running. On top of that, you won’t feel any further heel pain with Skechers’ shoes since your plantar fasciitis would stand no chance before their higher shock absorbency and most negligible surface impact they make while walking.


  • Comfortable, breathable, and water-resistant.
  • Robust heel counter.
  • Superior arch support.
  • Soft cushioning.
  • Higher shock absorbency, least ground impact.


  • Narrow toe box.
  • Not slip-resistant as claimed.
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8. KEEN Women’s Presidio teacher shoes

Sale KEEN Women's Presidio teacher shoes

Another KEEN’s shoes! Wear them for a week or two and watch your plantar fasciitis ‘vanish’. They are highly griped and come with a supportive sole equipped with superior arch technology and cushioning. 

If you are tired of footwear that rolls your feet inwards, then you should consider KEEN’s Presidio since their robust heel counter keeps your foot in place. With a casual, sophisticated look, they are the perfect Teacher Shoes to wear in the workplace.

They are also water-resistant and provide instant relief from pain. They also help treat arthritis, hammertoes, inflammation, and knees, back, and foot discomfort. They also have a fixed sole to give you higher shock absorbency when your feet collide with the ground, no matter how rougher it is!


  • Highly gripped, rigid sole.
  • Superior arch technology. Robust heel counter.
  • Soft cushioning.
  • Water-resistant, higher shock absorbency.


  • Highly rigid to tender feet.
  • Not breathable in a hot climate.
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9. OOFOS Unisex OOCloog teacher shoes

OOFOS Unisex OOCloog teacher shoes

Teaching is not an easy job. Delivering lectures, tending to students, and switching classes every hour or two – all this can make your plantar fasciitis a complete mess.

That is why you need something that is not only comfortable but also effective. Try OOFOS unisex shoes, and you’ll find the best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis. They are compact; keep your foot in place and make sure you feel no pain when your feet touch the ground.

What about arch support? No worries about that either since they are made to deliver superior arch support that works perfectly with the soft cushioning to give you maximum relief from your heel pain. Besides, they are robust and provide enough room for toes to breathe as well.


  • Superior arch support.
  • Cushioning layers.
  • Robust, breathable, wider toe box.
  • Least ground impact.
  • Lightweight.


  • Suitable for thin socks, otherwise sweaty.
  • No heal counter.
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10. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog teacher shoes

Sale Dansko Women's Professional Clog teacher shoes

Still, looking for comfortable footwear? Have a look at Dansko clogs, designed with dynamic arch technology to heal a wide range of foot injuries. Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, knee pain, stiff tissues, or back pain – all you need to do is to try Dansko clogs.

One unique thing that they offer is the Padded Instep Collar that soothes your foot with each step you take. This ensures long-term comfort and heel stability even if you have to stand/walk longer than usual.

Furthermore, the soft cushioning is there to provide equal pressure on your heels, enhancing posture. Not to mention the big difference you’ll see in your plantar fasciitis as they keep your foot steady and in place. Also, they are breathable and don’t make your feet sweat!


  • Excellent for wider toes.
  • Dynamic arch technology.
  • Padded Instep Collar.
  • Soft cushioning enhances posture.
  • Breathable, heel stability.


  • Bulky.
  • Overuse can fade the coloring.
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Being a teacher with plantar fasciitis brings many hurdles because, unlike an office worker, you cannot sit in your department all day. Instead, you need to walk and stand every hour or two, going to classrooms, teaching students, and giving lectures. The best thing that you can give yourself in such a situation is decent footwear that keeps in check the health of your feet.

The best option you can find is Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip which is available for both men and women, as their superior arch support and maximum cushioning play their crucial role in healing your plantar fasciitis. Even on the stricter surface, you won’t find it difficult to stand with their higher shock absorbency. Undoubtedly, they will become your best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis in a short period!

Talking about the footwear, make sure they are most suitable in the climatic conditions you live in and are excellent for your arch type. This will also save you from aching feet!

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