7 Best Walking Cast For Plantar Fasciitis ( 2022 Buyers Guide )

A good walking cast can be a great help for anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis. It provides comfort to the foot and will help to alleviate some of the pain that you have been experiencing while speeding up the healing process. It also helps to make the healing process easier by limiting the amount of strain on your feet.

Finding the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis can be an effective and painless management option that is cost-efficient and could prevent the formation of calluses, bruises, and other foot damage. The right walking cast can provide the much-needed support for the painful arch of your foot. 

However, not every walking cast is equally effective. To ensure that you find the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis that suits your needs, it’s important that you read on as we are going to dive deep into what a walking cast is? How does a walking cast work for plantar fasciitis? How long to wear a walking cast for plantar fasciitis? Types of a walking cast? A buying guide and our reviews of the 7 best walking cast for plantar fasciitis.

If you are in a hurry here are our top picks and suggestions:

Our Pick: Aircast AirSelect Walker

Best Overall: Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker

What is a walking cast?

A walking cast is an orthopedic device created to both protect and support the injured foot. A walking cast is a device that is commonly prescribed to treat injuries involving the foot and ankle. It may be used in a variety of conditions, such as sprains and strains, tendon injuries, and other foot conditions.

Walking casts are protectors that are used to support an unstable foot. They help absorb impact, re-distribute weight loads and reinforce the feet and ankles. This makes a walking cast beneficial for those who are experiencing symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis.

The best walking cast for plantar fasciitis would allow you to give your feet the time they need to heal – a precautionary measure during recovery from plantar fasciitis, a common condition causing foot pain that has been estimated to affect about two million people in the US.

The purpose of the walking cast is to protect and support the injured segment during initial healing, but also to limit certain motions which might result in reinjury.

While the cast cannot heal an injury, it can aid in preventing residual pain and swelling from developing in the foot or ankle. A walking cast will allow you to continue with your daily activities while healing and reducing stress on the injured area.

A walking cast can be worn on either foot and has four main parts:

The hard plastic shell protects the foot and ankle

Straps to secure the shell as well as a pump that can be used to inflate an air bladder inside the shell to apply pressure on the ankle

A removable liner that contains foam padding for extra comfort

A rocker bottom or wedge sole is designed to assist with mobility

How does a walking cast help plantar fasciitis?

The best walking cast for plantar fasciitis works by giving your foot a break from standing, walking, and running. The combination of rest and elevated pressure from the boot reduces the strain on the plantar fascia and allows it to heal faster than just resting alone.

A walking cast can be an excellent option for treating a severe case of plantar fasciitis when you need a longer period of rest and recovery, but they can also be used in mild cases where other treatments have failed to produce results.

How long to wear a walking cast for plantar fasciitis?

How long do you need to wear a walking cast for plantar fasciitis? Typically, it depends on the severity of your injury. Your doctor will likely give you an initial estimate of how long you’ll need to wear a walking cast. They may adjust that timeline depending on your progress. In some cases, you might only need to wear it for a few days. In other cases, you might need up to eight weeks. The length of time also depends on how well you’re responding to treatment.

Benefits of a walking cast for plantar fasciitis

There are many benefits of the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis some of which are given below:

The first benefit is that the cast will help you walk without putting pressure on the plantar fascia. The cast is made of strong material to provide support and comfort. It also absorbs body weight, so when you step down, you won’t feel any pain from the plantar fascia.

The second benefit is that it gives your foot time to heal. When you go to the doctor, they will tell you not to put all your weight on your feet for a few weeks. This will help your foot heal and prevent reinjury.

The third benefit is that it can help improve balance and prevent falls. People with plantar fasciitis often have trouble walking because their body weight causes pain in their feet. If they are wearing a walking cast, then their feet will be protected from falling over or slipping on stairs or other surfaces.

The fourth benefit is that it can prevent further injuries such as shin splints or torn ligaments if they were caused by wearing shoes without proper support when walking or running long distances.

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7 best walking cast for plantar fasciitis

The best walking cast for plantar fasciitis should be durable enough to withstand regular use while being comfortable enough to wear daily. If you’re not sure which one will work best for you, consider our recommended products below to get started:

1. Aircast AirSelect Walker walking cast for plantar fasciitis

The Aircast AirSelect walking cast is one of the most popular and best walking cast for plantar fasciitis, often recommended by doctors, and preferred by users. The Aircast AirSelect is a walking cast that provides durable stability and comfort. The lightweight, rounded design of this walking cast enables you to increase your mobility, improve your rehabilitation and reduce plantar fasciitis symptoms. 

The Aircast AirSelect walking cast offers relief from plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and other foot or lower extremity conditions. This walking cast features a durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection.

The lightweight and lab-tested rocker sole combine to encourage a natural gait while SoftStrike technology absorbs and dissipates shock. An overlapping Duplex air cell system lines the shell, providing intermittent pneumatic compression for 3-times faster edema reduction.

The design is a sleek and open frame in order to provide proper ventilation and the non-marking skid-resistant rubber tread allows for better traction and longer wear.

The Aircast AirSelect walking cast prevents backsliding and shortening that can negatively affect healing. Your ability to walk can improve dramatically with this walking cast all while helping to manage pain from injury, surgery, or degeneration of the foot or ankle.


  • Exceptional comfort & support.
  • Semi-rigid shell makes it ultra-durable.
  • SoftStrike technology absorbs and dissipates shock.
  • Overlapping Duplex air cells line provides pneumatic compression.
  • Great traction.
  • Universal fit & lightweight.
  • Excellent ventilation.


  • Velcro straps need extra care.
  • Not a good refund policy.
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2. United Ortho Short Air Cam walking cast for plantar fasciitis

Sale United Ortho Short Air Cam walking cast for plantar fasciitis

Stay on the move with the United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker, designed for post-operative use, stable foot and ankle injuries, soft tissue injuries, and acute ankle sprains.

This solid ankle walking cast can be used on either foot. It features plastic molded uprights with steel reinforcement that provide additional stability and shock-absorption, as well as a durable rubber outsole.

For an added level of comfort, the air bladders offer custom compression as well as increased comfort and support, making this a great choice for someone suffering from plantar fasciitis.

You can adjust this walking boot to various sizes with our easy self-fitting system that requires no laces or buckles and provides quick-release tabs to remove the straps.

With a rocker sole, this brace promotes a natural gait, helping you get back to doing the normal activities that you love! Crafted from durable materials, this fracture boot is built to last through all of your activities. This product offers a fast, effective, and long-lasting solution to assist in healing from foot injuries.


  • Air bladders offer custom compression.
  • Highly durable.
  • Provides maximum stability and support.
  • Universal fit for right or left foot.
  • Shock-absorbing insole reduces the impact of heel strike.


  • Difficulties with inflation/air pump.
  • Some buyers found the boot heavy for its size.
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3. Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) walking cast for plantar fasciitis

The Aircast SP Walker provides immobilization, compression, and support while maintaining full-sole contact with the ground. Endorsed by medical professionals and athletes, the Aircast SP Walker is great for treating a variety of foot injuries including stable fractures of the foot and ankle, severe ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries, forefoot, and midfoot injuries, bunionectomy, and post-operative use. 

This walking cast helps to improve mobility during rehabilitation. Its low rocker sole promotes a natural ambulation (gait) for improved mobility and has ample room for dressings without sacrificing comfort.

Patients can now take a more active role in their recovery with the option of adjusting the level of compression making it ideal for both day-to-day activities or post-op care after discharge from the clinic.

Its universal fit allows this walking cast to be worn on either leg. This lightweight, semi-rigid shell protection cast provides freedom of movement while allowing you to continue your normal daily activities with confidence.


  • Extreme comfort and pneumatic support.
  • Excellent cushioning.
  • Strong and sturdy build.
  • Easy to put on/off.
  • Can be worn on either the left or right foot.


  • Can be heavy/bulky.
  • Can be noisy.
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4. Braceability Short Recovery walking cast for plantar fasciitis

Braceability Short  Recovery walking cast for plantar fasciitis

With so many walking cast options out there, how do you know what’s the best Walking cast for plantar fasciitis? How about giving Braceability’s walking cast a try? BraceAbility’s Short Recovery walking cast is made with the comfort of the user in mind.

With a wide footbed and durable polymer plastic composite shell, this walking cast is lightweight and strong making it perfect for both long-term and short-term use. Its rocker sole allows mobility in the toe area to promote natural healing, while still providing stability by limiting excess motion on a fractured or injured foot.

The front opening makes it easy to slip on and off as well as to adjust the rigid foam liner for extra comfort. This cast is designed to keep the foot and ankle in a neutral position. This can help you heal from plantar fasciitis or other injuries faster and help to prevent future injuries.

This walking cast features a wide toe bed and open-toe design, allowing room for swelling or bandaging. The lightweight design and low-profile nature of this walking aid make it inconspicuous, comfortable, and easy to walk in.

The medical-grade fasteners allow you to customize how tight the cast feels on your leg and foot. The reinforced shell provides increased protection around the sides of your injured foot as well as additional support.

This walking cast by BraceAbility helps shorten healing time, unload weight off the plantar fascia and other foot problems, and provides adequate protection to fractured toes and forefoot.


  • Deluxe foam liner provides ultimate comfort.
  • A wide toe bed allows room for swelling/bandaging.
  • Medical-grade adjustable fastener 3-strap system provides a customized fit.
  • A rigid polymer shell makes it ultra-durable.
  • Lightweight and low-profile.
  • Excellent traction.
  • Universal fit for both right and left foot.


  • Can be loud.
  • Some buyers have faced issues with velcro straps.
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5. United Ortho 360 Air walking cast for plantar fasciitis

United Ortho 360 Air walking cast for plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis? Limited Mobility? Need to heal?  The 360 Air Walker by United Ortho is the answer. The United Ortho 360 Air Walker medical cast is one of the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis available that provides maximum comfort and support.

The 360 Air Walker is a semi-rigid leg immobilizer with a rocker sole that allows the user to continue daily activities while keeping their injured or recovering leg safe.

The air bladders on this orthopedic cast provide compression and reduce edema while still allowing you to stay movable in your healing process. The air bladders also provide customized compression and shock absorption for a comfortable fit. Its superior construction and design make it perfect for recovering from an injury to your ankle or foot.

This 360 Air Walker from United Ortho provides premium support for a variety of lower leg injuries including plantar fasciitis, sprains of the ankle, soft tissue injuries, and stable lower leg, foot, and ankle fractures. The shock-absorbing insole reduces the impact of the heel strike while walking, and an adjustable toe guard protects against bumps and knocks, allowing you to get out and about safely.


  • Exceptional support.
  • Lightweight semi-rigid shell.
  • Customized compression due to medial/lateral air bladders.
  • Supreme shock-absorption and comfort.
  • Inflatable air bladder.
  • An adjustable toe guard provides extra protection.


  • Can be difficult to put on.
  • Some buyers didn’t find the flat bottom comfortable.
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6. Mars Wellness Short Air Cam walking cast for plantar fasciitis


Breathe easy knowing you are in the right treatment with Mars Wellness  Short Air Cam Walker. The Mars Wellness Short Air Cam can be of tremendous benefit to those suffering from a variety of foot and ankle problems. This healthcare-grade walking cast is manufactured using the highest quality construction methods, state-of-the-art design, and premium material.

This air cam walker can help increase mobility while decreasing your foot’s range of motion. This walking cast combines a lightweight, sporty design with an orthopedic-level stability system while high-density durable mold aids in reducing plantar fasciitis pain.

The breathable liner keeps the foot cool and dry, which increases patient compliance. This walking cast supplies excellent support, protection, and immobilization for acute ankle sprain soft tissue injuries, stable fractures, and post-surgical procedures for your foot or ankle.

Featuring an air bladder that provides custom compression and assists in decreasing swelling, these orthopedic boots are ideal for treating soft tissue injuries, grade 2 and 3 sprains, stable fractures, and sprained ankles.

Since it is designed with both a push-button air release valve for quick inflation and deflation as well as hook-and-loop fastening straps for easy application and removal, this fracture cast allows injured feet to heal quickly while keeping the patient mobile making it one of the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis.


  • Provides extra relief, stability & custom compression thanks to its premium inflatable air bladder.
  • Quick-release air valve.
  • Pull back liner for proper fit.
  • Super comfy foam liner.
  • Universal and unisex fit.
  • Comfortable for everyday use.


  • Not much padding.
  • Some buyers say it’s not a rocker as claimed.
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7. Orthotronix Short Air Cam walking cast for plantar fasciitis

Orthotronix Short Air Cam walking cast for plantar fasciitis

You suffer from Plantar Fasciitis and we’ve got another best walking cast for plantar fasciitis to meet your needs and get you back on your feet again. This Orthotronix Short Air Cam Walker is lightweight and low profile, making it easier to get around and continue with normal daily activities.

The fully integrated inflatable air-liner has easy release technology for increased comfort & customized compression for further immobilization of the lower leg, ankle, and foot to assist in recovery & healing.

Designed to aid in healing and recovery, this walking cast is ideal for reducing pain from swelling caused by injury or surgery. The cushioned heel provides for greater shock absorption.

Arching rocker design encourages a smooth gait and more natural step that takes less energy, making it easier to get around and continue with normal daily activities. Designed with plastic molded uprights for increased durability and stability, this cast has easy-to-manage fastening straps for a secure yet easy fit.

Your daily activities aren’t going to stop and neither should your healing process. Designed with quick release and easy-to-manage fastening straps for a secure yet easy fit, this cast is made for treating your injury in the best way possible so you can return to doing all the things you love. You’re not going to want to leave home without it!


  • Fully integrated inflatable air-liner with easy release technology.
  • Increased durability & stability due to plastic molded uprights.
  • Superior comfort and support.
  • Cushioned heel provides greater shock absorption.
  • Lightweight, low rocker profile.
  • Open-toe design makes it extremely breathable.


  • Can be stinky/noisy.
  • Can be rigid/hard for some.
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Buying guide for best walking cast for plantar fasciitis

There are plenty of different brands and types of the walking casts for plantar fasciitis but not all are made equal. As always, buyer beware. How do you know which is the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis? In this buying guide, we will make recommendations as to what type of walking cast is best for you, and below are some factors that you need to consider before making a choice:

Comfort and support

Selecting a comfortable walking cast for plantar fasciitis is the most important part of buying one. You don’t want a boot that will cause you more pain and discomfort than your plantar fasciitis does, so it’s important to find a product that fits well and is easy to wear.

Even if you choose a lightweight option, it will take some time for your body to adjust to wearing a walking cast. Look for a cast that is padded for extra comfort and support. You’ll also want to make sure that it doesn’t rub against any specific areas of your foot or ankle as this could cause blisters or discomfort.

It’s also important that you get a boot that can accommodate your foot. If you have flat feet or high arches, it is essential that you get a walking boot that can accommodate this. Otherwise, the boot won’t provide the support you need, which could lead to further injury and pain.

Size and fit

When selecting the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s sizing guide to ensure you get the right size for your foot. It’s important for the walking cast to fit snugly without being too restrictive or uncomfortable, so be sure to measure both feet. In addition to length, measure around the calf and ankle, as well as the circumference of the foot.

Most walking casts have a size chart on the box or the landing page for reference, and if you are unsure as to which size will fit best, consult your doctor or orthopedist. If you’ve never worn a walking cast before, it may feel a little strange at first, but in time you’ll get used to it.

Strap types

The type of straps can significantly impact how well the walking cast fits and how comfortable it is. The more straps a walking cast has, the more support it provides. You should also consider where the straps are located, as this will determine which parts of your leg they apply pressure to.

In most cases, you will find that a walking cast features Velcro straps. This makes it quick and easy to get the boot on and off, which is especially convenient if you have injuries on your foot. However, some models feature buckles or clamps instead of Velcro straps.

Although buckles or clamps may take longer to put on and take off, they tend to be more secure but might not be ideal if you need to put on or remove your cast frequently. Your decision should come down to how much time and energy you want to put into putting the walking boot on and taking it off.

Anti-shock technology

If you’re going to be using your walking cast outdoors on uneven terrain, it’s important that it comes with anti-shock technology which is specifically designed to absorb shock that’s placed on the foot, ankle, and lower leg when you walk and help prevent pain and further damage to your injury.

Some walking casts come with air pumps that allow you to adjust the level of anti-shock technology for your comfort. This can be ideal if you have a fracture or have soft tissue damage that could be aggravated by the shock of walking.

Cast liners

The cast liner is the soft material that goes between the patient’s foot and the hard outer shell of the cast. It can be made of a number of materials, including foam, gel, and air. There are two types of liners that can be found in the cast, removable and non-removable liners.

For the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis, you’ll want to choose one with a removable liner that’s easy to clean, so it doesn’t develop an odor over time. The removable liner is also beneficial for those who suffer from sweaty feet or may need to wear their own orthotics.

Different types of liners provide different levels of comfort, warmth, and protection against moisture. For example, fleece liners are warm, but they don’t wick away moisture and other materials. If you’re going to be wearing your walking cast in warm weather or for extended periods of time, look for a liner that’s breathable or wicks away moisture.


Waterproofing is important to have in a walking cast. When you get injured, it can be very tricky to navigate the rain or snow. A waterproof walking cast will prevent your bandages from soaking through and keep you dry. The best models come with a hydrophobic coating, which helps keep water out while still allowing air to circulate inside the boot.

If the walking cast is not waterproof, your foot will become wet, cold, and damp when out in bad weather conditions, particularly if you are walking through puddles or snow. Even if you don’t intend to walk in wet conditions, waterproofing can help keep your cast clean and extend its lifespan.

You need to purchase a walking cast that is fully waterproof and breathable to ensure that your foot is kept dry and warm at all times. Some casts are made entirely of waterproof material while others have a waterproof lining.

Types of walking casts for plantar fasciitis

Below are some of the common types of the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis:

Soft Cast for plantar fasciitis

A soft cast is the least restrictive type of walking cast. It has a removable liner that’s made from foam or other soft material that molds to your foot and ankle. This makes it more comfortable than other types of casts and splints.

This type of cast is designed to treat injuries that are not severe or life-threatening. These include sprains, fractures, and torn ligaments. The soft cast supports the injury so that there is less pain when walking. It also reduces swelling by keeping weight off the injured area.

Hard Cast for plantar fasciitis

A hard cast, also known as a long leg cast, is a full-length walking cast that extends from the toes up to just below the knee. It covers all of the foot, ankle, and lower leg and is used to treat fractures in these areas.

Hard casts are made out of plaster or fiberglass. This type of walking cast is designed for severe injuries that require more support and protection to heal properly. These injuries include broken bones, fractured ankles, and torn ligaments.

The hard cast immobilizes the injured area and holds everything in place while it heals. Hard casts are usually worn for 6-8 weeks after sustaining an injury. This type of cast has a few different forms, including a short leg cast and a high-top walking cast.

Aircast for plantar fasciitis

An air cast is similar to a hard cast but provides more flexibility during movement. An air cast uses air pouches built into the sides of the cast to provide compression and cushioning for swollen feet. They can be inflated by hand with a small pump that comes with your walking cast and can be adjusted as needed for comfort and swelling control throughout the day. Air casts are often used after the removal of a hard or soft cast when your doctor feels that you need additional support during your recovery but don’t need complete immobilization anymore.

Other remedies to try along with a walking cast for plantar fasciitis

Along with wearing the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis, you can also try the following home remedies:

Magnesium & turmeric

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps regulate calcium, copper, zinc, potassium, vitamin D, and other important nutrients in the body. Consuming both turmeric & magnesium may help alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis by reducing inflammation and improving muscle function.


If you’re experiencing pain and swelling, give your foot a break. Avoid activities that put stress on your feet, such as running, standing for extended periods of time, or walking on hard surfaces.

Heat or cold therapy

You can apply heat or cold therapy to your foot using a bath or a cloth soaked in warm or cold water. Cold therapy will reduce inflammation and numb any pain, while heat therapy will soothe any sore muscles in your foot. You can alternate between heat and cold baths for 10 minutes at a time, 3 times per day to reduce your symptoms of plantar fasciitis.


Roll your foot over a golf ball or tennis ball for five minutes several times a day. This technique can help loosen the tight fascia, and it also breaks up scar tissue. Or you can use a massage gun to massage your feet which have been found very helpful for plantar fasciitis.


Stretching is a very important part of treating plantar fasciitis. Stretching exercises can help loosen the fascia ligament at the bottom of your foot and decrease pain and inflammation in your heel and arch.


In conclusion, using a cast for plantar fasciitis has many benefits. Primarily, it helps you to re-train your foot to be used correctly and prevents further damage. The right walking cast can provide the much-needed support for the painful arch of your foot. Thus, we can confidently say that by wearing a cast on your foot, you are able to get back on your feet sooner since you don’t have to compensate on one side with your good leg alone.

However, there are a variety of different walking casts that can prove beneficial for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. Whether you have recently suffered the injury or have been dealing with it for an extended period of time you have options available to you. It is up to you to figure out which one is best for your needs and adjust accordingly.

Out of all the walking casts we reviewed, We think the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis is Aircast AirSelect Walker. However the best walking cast for plantar fasciitis varies for every individual, some people may find that one style of cast is more comfortable than another, while others may suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities that require them to choose a different material or brand. Regardless of which type of walking cast you choose, always follow your doctor’s instructions for using it properly and get plenty of rest so that you’ll recover quickly and completely.

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Photo of author
Lucas Bonetti is a web developer from Italy. He enjoys using his skills to contribute to the development of blogging throughout his community. Lucas is passionate about open-source software and loves working on projects that make it easier for people to share their stories online. When he's not coding, Lucas likes to spend time with his wife and children, and go hiking near his home.