15 Best Walking Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis ( May – 2022)

The summer season is just around the corner and so is the time to start thinking about the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis to wear as the ordinary footwear might not be as breathable as you would like them to be. Walking sandals are a great way to give your feet much-needed relief, airflow, and ventilation, as opposed to wearing shoes or boots.

Walking sandals have gained a lot of popularity in recent times among people suffering from plantar fasciitis. It’s the perfect blend of support and comfort which makes these sandals ideal footwear for those suffering from foot pain. Walking sandals can be worn not just for plantar fasciitis but also for any other foot injuries like bunions and calluses.

Also, most people who suffer from plantar fasciitis often complain about how the condition can put a dampener on their social lives, especially when it comes to fashion. The majority of the time you are stuck with boring, ugly shoes that just do not go with your outfit.

Your worries are over as there are plenty of best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis out there that will make your feet feel great and will look fabulous on you. Walking sandals come in many colors and designs, thus you can get something that will complement your outfit and also wear it with almost any clothing.

With so many options available in the market, it’s usually difficult to find the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis that can solve your problems. However, if you are interested in purchasing a pair of good-quality walking sandals, this article will help you make a better buying decision.

However, if you are in a hurry here are our top picks and suggestions:

Best for women: Birkenstock Women’s Yara Sandal

Best for men: TEVA Men’s Hurricane Xlt2 Sandal

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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Buying guide for best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis

There are many walking sandals for plantar fasciitis available in the market. However, choosing the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis can be a challenging task for many people. The aim of this buying guide is to help you choose the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis without having to spend hours trawling through all of the options.

Arch support

Because plantar fasciitis is all about the arches, when choosing a pair of best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis, arch support should be at the top of your list. When the arch in your foot isn’t supported properly, it can lead to plantar fasciitis or make symptoms worse if you are already suffering from it.

Arch support is very important in helping to prevent or reduce arch pain and fatigue. A good arch support will help to distribute weight evenly throughout the foot and keep it from overpronating (rolling inwards). This helps to prevent stress on the arch and prevents pain from occurring.

Arch support is essential for anyone with plantar fasciitis because it helps with the natural foot curvature. It also prevents your feet from flattening out. The best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis should have adequate arch support that balances comfort and rigidity.

Heel strap

Some walking sandals are only slip-on, but you’ll find some that have straps across the top of the foot or around the heel, or even both. These straps can be adjusted to provide a more secure fit and keep your foot in place while walking. This is especially important if you have narrow heels, which can be prone to slipping out of sandals that don’t fasten around the back of the heel.

A good fit can also help in controlling foot motion, which is important in reducing pain associated with plantar fasciitis. These straps also need to be made from a material that won’t irritate your skin or cause blisters. You don’t want anything rubbing against your skin while walking around all day at work or playing sports.


The weight of the sandals is an important factor to consider if you want to buy the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis. The weight of any footwear is an important consideration for those who have plantar fasciitis since heavy sandals can cause discomfort. Lightweight sandals lessen the strain on your feet and help reduce pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

The best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis should be light in weight. The weight of walking sandals may not seem important, but it can affect your feet when you are on your feet all day, especially when suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The more you move around, the more strain is put on your feet with each step you take. If you are wearing sandals that are too heavy, this can become uncomfortable and even painful in no time.

You don’t want them to be too heavy, but you also don’t want them to be too light. If they are too light, they will have less cushioning and not offer proper arch support. If they are too heavy, they will put more strain on your feet and cause pain.

The lighter the sandals are, the less padding they will have in the heel and midsole. This means that you need to look for a pair of walking sandals that offer the best combination of comfort and support without being too heavy.

Heel cup

The heel cup is one of the most important features in any walking sandal that’s intended to provide relief from plantar fasciitis pain. The cup should be deep and rigid, and it should hold your foot firmly in place. This prevents shifting and slippage, which is a common cause of plantar fasciitis pain.

You will find that walking sandals with a heel cup will offer more stability and protection for your heels. The heel cup should also have a cushion and shock absorption. This will give you more comfort as well as protect your heels from impact and stress when your foot lands on the ground.


The best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis should have adequate cushioning. This is especially true if you are planning on wearing them throughout the day or during outdoor activities.

Cushioning helps absorb shock and reduces the pressure on your feet when you walk or run. You should look for a pair of walking sandals that has both heel and forefoot cushioning so that they are comfortable to wear all day long!

When you’re on your feet all day long, cushioning will make a world of difference in comfort levels. Without it, every step feels like an impact on your heel and arch. Look for a pair of walking sandals with built-in cushioning or padding, such as those made with memory foam or gel.

However, different types of walking activities may require different levels of impact resistance. For example, if you are going to be doing a lot of hiking in your sandals, you might want to look for a pair that provides more stability and a larger amount of cushioning compared to if you were simply going to be wearing them around town.


The main reason why flexibility is so important when buying the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis is that if your footwear lacks flexibility, it will not move properly with your feet as you walk. As a result, this can cause irritation and inflammation in the foot tendons and ligaments and can lead to increased pain throughout the lower body.

If the walking sandals lack flexibility, they will not adequately conform to the contours of your foot, which can adversely affect your gait. In turn, this can lead to discomfort and pain in the feet, legs, back, and hips. The best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis allow you to flex your foot with ease and move freely without causing any pressure points or discomfort.

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10 best women’s walking sandals for plantar fasciitis

Here we have listed some good selections of well-made best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis that can do more than make your feel good, but also help in healing plantar fasciitis.

1. Birkenstock Women’s Yara Sandals for plantar fasciitis

Your feet are your foundation and the shock absorber in your body, so proper foot care is essential to your overall health. A summertime favorite, the Birkenstock Yara sandal features two slim straps that follow your natural foot shape. Chic and easy to wear, this Birkenstock sandal offers optimal comfort and support.

Wonderfully comfortable, the Birkenstock Yara is sure to please and is one of the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis. The crisscross toe loop as well as the two adjustable straps come together to create an easy-breezy sandal that’s great for any summer occasion while ensuring a secure fit.

The contoured cork-latex footbed supports your arch to keep your foot comfortable and well-aligned, and molds to the shape of your foot over time for a personalized fit.

An extra layer of soft foam cushioning adds an extra touch of comfort. This model comes with a high-quality lightweight EVA sole which is shock-absorbent and flexible – making it ideal for outdoor use.

The upper is made from genuine nubuck leather for a sophisticated look and feel. The Big Toe Bar helps reinforce the natural gripping motion of your feet while providing extra support while the durable sole makes them long-lasting.


  • Superior shock absorption.
  • Sublime arch support.
  • Ultra-breathable & lightweight.
  • Extreme comfort & support.
  • EVA sole.
  • Excellent flexibility.


  • Can be wide/Large/Not for narrow feet.
  • Issues with ankle strap.
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2. KEEN Women’s Elle Backstrap Sandals for plantar fasciitis

With the comfort and support of a sneaker in the KEEN Women’s Elle Backstrap sandals, you can enjoy outdoor adventures, long walks exploring new cities, and all your casual occasions.

As sustainable as they are comfortable and luxurious, these best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis are made of recycled plastic fibers, which help reduce strain on the environment. Tactile, stretchy, and lightweight, they won’t weigh down your feet or your luggage.

The KEEN Elle Backstrap is a sturdy, comfortable sandal that stretches for slide-on ease. The open-toe design features synthetic uppers with a triple, back strapped design that provides durable support.

Breathable mesh linings provide cool interior airflow and Kinetics foam midsole offers cushioned walking comfort for all-day activity. This rugged look is lightweight and stands up to the elements with its durable waterproof upper.

These women’s waterproof sandals are ideal for someone suffering from plantar fasciitis, as they offer HEEL-TO-TOE COMFORT thanks to their integrated cushioning in the footbed and support through their ESS shank as well as TORSION STABILITY for enhanced comfort.

Plus, the non-marking rubber outsoles provide you with great traction on various surfaces so that you can wear these sandals wherever you go! Additionally, these water-friendly open-toe sandals are machine washable for convenient cleanups.


  • Made with recycled plastic/Environment friendly.
  • Sturdy & durable design.
  • Slide-on for easy on/off.
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Great cushioning thanks to its kinetics foam midsole.
  • Waterproof upper.
  • Enhanced comfort due to ESS shank.


  • Can be noisy.
  • Not recommended for wide feet.
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3. Crocs Women’s LiteRide Stretch Sandals for plantar fasciitis

Crocs LiteRide Stretch Sandals for Women offer a sleek, modern look combined with all the comfort you expect from Crocs. Meet the next generation of LiteRide foam: designed for on-the-go women and men, this revolutionary foam insoles offer unprecedented softness while still being resilient enough to unite durability and cushioning.

The supportive ergonomic design is designed to make you feel incredible. The stretchy straps allow you to easily slip these on and off as needed, making them perfect to wear during any activity where you need to have your feet protected but not restricted by shoes. Ideal for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, and a perfect balance of comfort and style for everyday wear.

The forward-thinking LiteRide footbed cradles your arches while a seamless mesh upper provides breathability; so from the beach to the street, the only thing you need to focus on is living in the moment. The signature wedge sole makes it so light and cushiony that it floats comfortably with you all day long.

These Crocs sandals for women are designed to make you feel sensational on every step along the winding path. These stretchable sandals take comfort to the next level, offering sink-in softness for innovative support and making them one of the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Easy on/off.
  • Next-generation LiteRide foam.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Fashionable and stylish.
  • Ultra comfort and cushioning.


  • Can be narrow/tight.
  • Straps are not that stretchable.
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4. Teva Women’s Tirra Sandals for plantar fasciitis

If you love to explore the great outdoors, then these women’s Tirra sandals from Teva are just what you need. Lightweight and breathable, the Tirra is a mix of sporty style and all-day comfort.

These walking sandals feature soft webbing straps that won’t chafe your skin. And with a supportive heel cupping system and an easy-to-use hook-and-loop closure system, you’ll never need to worry about blisters or chafing while you’re on the go.

The perfect sports sandal for summer fun, these women’s sandals are a great choice for river trips and lakeside adventures. The cushioned EVA midsole provides all-day comfort for women on the go. Water-ready polyester webbing stands up to abuse and dries quickly after getting wet.

A super-grippy outsole helps keep you steady on the deck or along the creek, while easy hook-and-loop closures make attaching this sandal a cinch. They are designed to cushion and cradle the foot for maximum support and comfort with every step.

So whether you’re exploring a new city or lounging poolside at home, there is no better choice for the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis than these Tevas.


  • All-day comfort.
  • Supportive heel cup.
  • Superior arch support.
  • Heel cupping system.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Cushioned EVA midsole.


  • Some buyers have found the straps uncomfortable/Irritating.
  • Can be wide/Not for narrow feet.
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5. Rockport Women’s Ridge Sling Sandal for plantar fasciitis

Looking for a pair of sandals that are designed to protect you and your feet while providing the ultimate in style and comfort? Rockport’s Women’s Ridge Sling Sandal is the perfect accent for any wardrobe.

These women’s walking sandals are an excellent choice if you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, as they provide supportive features that offer cushioning and shock absorption.

These lightweight leather sandals feature an anatomically molded EVA footbed with microfiber lining to wick moisture away from your feet and keep them dry and clean.

The polyurethane midsole adjusts for maximum forefoot flexibility, allowing you to brave the trail or walk agilely over gravel and rocks along the beach.

They feature an adjustable hook-and-loop closure that helps you customize the fit so you feel secure and comfortable when wearing these sandals for women. The outsole contains TPR, so when you take a step, your heel is cushioned accordingly.

Rockport prides itself on its craftsmanship, and this shoe delivers on this promise. The upper is made of genuine leather that’s both easy to clean and maintain, as well as durable.

The footbed is anatomically molded for comfort and flexibility. Overall, these are great sandals for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis who needs rugged yet stylish footwear to support their feet.


  • Microfiber lining wicks away moisture.
  • PU midsole provides maximum flexibility.
  • TPR outsole provides excellent traction.
  • The genuine leather design makes it super durable.
  • Top-notch support and cushioning.


  • Not for high arches.
  • Leather can be stiff/hard.
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6. Skechers Women’s On-The-go 600 Brilliancy Sport Sandals for plantar fasciitis

Whether you’re traveling, walking from the subway to the office, or touring the city all day, Skechers Women’s On-The-go 600 Brilliancy Sport Sandals are designed to comfortably cushion and support your feet.

Its Goga Max technology provides cushioning in areas of impact, helping absorb the impact for a more supportive feel. Its innovative and comfortable 5GEN midsole helps to customize cushioning for your inner foot & offers a lightweight feel while also retaining memory retention to help absorb impact, while the Goga Mat conforms to your foot for complete support.

Superior arch support is provided by the integrated Goga Pillars technology on the midsole and outsole for exceptional stability and comfort as you walk.

Featuring Goga Pillars sensors built into the insole that detect subtle changes in the pressure of each step you take, this walking sandal can offer real-time feedback to help improve your walking ability and stability without restricting your natural path of motion or stride pattern.

The Skechers GOwalk On-The-Go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal is a great choice for those with plantar fasciitis since it helps to minimize stress on the plantar fascia ligament, and supports your arches, and reduces shock with every step.

The upper has a soft fabric construction that is combined with straps that crisscross in front of your foot and attached to the velcro strap that goes over your instep. The adjustable heel strap sits along the back of your heel to help lock in the arch while you walk. 

Another benefit these shoes offer is that they closely resemble the natural walking motion, allowing you to walk effortlessly with an unconscious gait. More importantly, they are anti-fatigue, which means more energy and stamina. 


  • 5GEN midsole provides extra cushioning.
  • Goga max provides complete support.
  • Superior arch support thanks to the Goga pillars technology.
  • Exceptional stability and comfort.
  • Anti-fatigue.
  • Excellent ventilation and lightweight.


  • Can be squeaky.
  • Some buyers found the straps digging into their feet.
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7. Vionic Women’s Amber sandals for plantar fasciitis

Vionic Women’s Amber sandals, with Tri planar technology, can be an ideal choice for someone who is suffering from plantar fasciitis. These walking sandals provide the unique combination of a biomechanical orthotic footbed and a high arch to support the natural position of your feet. The orthotic footbeds help alleviate pressure on your feet, ankles, and knees.

Lightweight EVA midsoles absorb shock, reducing stress on feet. The rubber bottoms have patterned tread conveying anti-slip resistance to help prevent falls.

It features a deep heel cup for a secure fit and arches are supported to help realign your feet to their natural position, while a strong leather upper combined with decorative oak ornament accents for added style.

Whether you’re heading to the office or on vacation, slip on Vionic’s Amber slingback sandal for a standout style. Extra padding at the heel and a contoured footbed provide great comfort, while adjustable hook-and-loop closures and metallic hardware in a four-way adjustability system let you get a custom fit.

These best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis feature a versatile open toe that adds much-needed breathability while they are out on hot days. These open-toe sandals have 4 adjustable hook and loop straps to help keep your feet secure throughout the day.


  • Triplantar technology provides excellent support.
  • Biomechanical orthotic footbed.
  • Exceptional shock absorption thanks to its EVA midsole.
  • Anti-slip resistance.
  • A deep heel cup keeps the foot locked.


  • Not genuine leather as claimed.
  • Can be stinky/smelly.
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8. Chaco Women’s Z1 Classic Sandals for plantar fasciitis

Classic Chacos have a well-earned reputation for being comfortable and unique footwear. With its customizable fit, comfort, traction, and arch support, the Z1 is your go-to walking sandal for daily wear and for exploring nature without limitations.

These women’s walking sandals were designed with one thing in mind: comfort and they’re so incredibly lightweight, that you’ll barely know they’re on your feet. The first time you wear the Z1, you might forget you’re wearing sandals. The fit is that comfortable.

The women’s specific, lightweight Luvseat design adds responsive cushioning to effectively spread and absorb shock during hiking, trekking, running, training, or just playing in the park.

These anatomically correct footbeds are also designed to reduce over-pronation. This means that they are especially suitable for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon problems.

The jacquard polyester webbing upper wraps securely around the foot to prevent abrasions and chafing but allows for the necessary flexibility for a more natural foot motion. You can climb in them all day, and your feet will still love you at the end of a long hike with friends, a trip to the farmer’s market, or the beach.

With podiatrist-certified women’s specific lightweight Luvseat polyurethane footbeds and ChacoGrip rubber with 3mm lug depth, these sandals deliver the best-performing Classic outsole yet. Also, the antimicrobial application for odor control makes them healthier, more hygienic and one of the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis.


  • Podiatrist-certified women’s specific lightweight Luvseat PU footbeds.
  • Responsive cushioning.
  • Unrivaled comfort and support.
  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Customizable arch support.
  • Chacogrip provides exceptional traction.


  • Can be hard to clean/needs extra care.
  • Can be firm/stiff.
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9. Megnya Women’s Comfortable Walking Sandals for plantar fasciitis

Megnya Women’s Comfortable Walking Sandals are ideal for either short or long walks. The high-quality rubber sole is designed to help prevent the foot from getting tired, due to insoles built-in with it. The heel of the foot is made from a comfortable cord, while the footbed is professionally developed and tested.

The braided styling and individual toe loops at the front make them comfortable to wear. There is an elastic section that stretches with your foot while you walk, yet it holds the sandals securely on your feet.

The straps are anchored in a secure position by being knotted along the length, holding them onto your feet without fear of them falling off. One may choose to adjust the length as desired and they’ll stay over time without becoming undone or falling down further on your foot.

These walking sandals have been created with the ladies in mind, featuring a soft & comfortable EVA cushion midsole providing much-needed extra comfort to your feet. The upper part of the sole is made from a hand-woven nylon cord, making it much lighter than rope and incredibly strong.

Featuring a flexible and cushioned sole, the Megnya sandals conform to your feet, provide all-day comfort and promote good posture which is essential for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis.

These Comfortable Walking Sandals are carefully crafted and designed to bring you years of pleasure. Whether you’re going on a cruise, a beach holiday, or a day trip out. These durable & attractive sandals are the only best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis you’ll need for every occasion.


  • EVA cushioned midsole.
  • Ultra-comfortable.
  • Superior arch support.
  • Super flexible.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Lightweight and breathable.


  • Can be loose.
  • Not that adjustable.
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10. ECCO Women’s Yucatan Sport Sandals for plantar fasciitis

If you’re looking for an ECCO sandal that provides exceptional comfort with maximum support and cushioning, the Yucatan sport is for you. These fashion-forward sandals are crafted from a soft nubuck leather upper, complete with a double bar for extra stability and a microfibre lining. 

These sandals are one of the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis, as the three-point adjustable footbed provides a customized fit, cradling the foot with lightweight foam padding and neoprene lining.

It provides long-lasting cushioning and outstanding everyday walking comfort while the Receptor technology offers dynamic stability and support from impact to toe-off.

The EVA midsole ensures long-lasting cushioning, while the outsole of the Yucatan allows you to perform on almost any terrain – walk through damp meadows and grassy fields, or even stroll around town streets!

The contoured footbed of these casual sandals features an integrated microfibre cover to provide breathability and comfort. Its revolutionary FLUIDFORM technology provides shock absorption while at the same time distributing body weight equally over the foot, reducing pressure on the heel and arch.


  • Superior shock absorption thanks to FLUIDFORM technology.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Long-lasting cushioning due to EVA midsole.
  • 3-point adjustability.
  • Dynamic support and stability.


  • Front strap is not adjustable.
  • Toebox can be wide/Not for narrow feet.
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5 Best men’s walking sandals for plantar fasciitis

Given below are some of the best men’s walking sandals for plantar fasciitis that we found:

1. Birkenstock Men’s Milano sandals for plantar fasciitis

Add a little Italian flair to any look with the classic style of the Birkenstock Men’s Milano Sandals. These men’s Birkenstock Milano sandals are a great choice for anyone seeking the support and comfort of a traditional Birkenstock.

Featuring footbeds crafted from lightweight EVA foam; the Men’s Milano sandal feels like a breeze on your feet. These walking sandals offer outstanding support for your entire foot as well as your arches. These sandals will keep your feet feeling great even after dancing; walking or standing on them all day.

The footbed molds to the shape of your foot for exceptional comfort and support, ensuring that the bodyweight is evenly applied. This ensures the health of the muscles and nerves in your feet. The heel cup helps absorb shock during your step and the Cork/Latex footbed provides tremendous comfort.

The upper is made of skin-friendly; easy-clean Birko-Flor. They feature an adjustable buckle strap across the top of the foot and around the heel, allowing you to secure a perfect fit. The high-quality synthetic leather upper prevents chaffing and is easy to clean.

The Men’s Birkenstock Milano Sandals are the ideal choice for instilling proper foot posture, providing orthopedically correct support, and encouraging foot health. Ideal for prolonged gait, these leather sandals from Birkenstock are specifically recommended as one of the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis.


  • Abrasion resistance and maximum durability thanks to its high-quality synthetic upper.
  • Enhanced breathability and lightweight.
  • EVA sole provides all-day comfort.
  • Optimal traction.
  • Exceptional arch support.
  • Shock-absorbing heel cup.


  • Not enough holes in the straps for adjustability.
  • Can be large/wide.
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2. Rockport Men’s Rocklake Flat Sandals for plantar fasciitis

The Rockport Men’s Rocklake Flat Sandals prove that you can go beyond the ordinary to help alleviate plantar fasciitis. This pair of walking sandals is designed for all-day comfort, with a combination of features like an EVA midsole and full rubber sole to help you get through the toughest situations without causing you pain. From their rugged design to durable construction, these walking sandals will stand up to whatever life throws your way.

They offer the support and shock absorption your feet need yet give you full ground contact and flexibility for when you have to climb a flight of stairs or walk over to a nearby store. Adjustable straps always allow for a customizable fit, and the rubber sole on this footwear gives you the traction you need to avoid spills.

The full-grain leather uppers are known for their durability and good looks. These sandals also come with an XCS Rockport footbed, which provides lasting comfort with added arch support. These Rockport sandals also come with a rear pull loop, making them ideal for someone suffering from plantar fasciitis. All in all, these sports sandals have all the features you need in the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis.


  • Attractive and stylish.
  • Supportive EVA midsole.
  • The rugged leather upper makes it ultra-durable.
  • Lasting comfort thanks to XCS Rockport footbed.
  • Outstanding arch support.
  • The full rubber sole provides excellent traction.


  • Velcro straps are not that durable.
  • Can be squeaky/noisy.
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3. TEVA Men’s Hurricane Xlt2 Sandals for plantar fasciitis

Durability, traction, and comfort come together in this sandal – making them the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis. What makes these sandals a great choice for plantar fasciitis sufferers

The Hurricane Xlt2 sandal is water-resistant and quick-drying, so you can get wet without worrying about a soggy foot. These sandals also save 5 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.

Featuring nylon webbing that is created with recycled plastic and recycled polyester—making them both eco-friendly and comfy—these sandals will keep your feet dry and supported wherever you go.

The open design of the Xlt2 sandal provides much-needed ventilation to your feet. The quick hook-and-loop closure provides a customized fit every time, while injection-molded strap ends provide a sturdy grip. And the rugged rubber outsole delivers excellent traction on the most uneven terrain. 

Hurricane Xlt2 sandals are built to give you what you need without weighing you down.  These sandals feature a lightweight EVA midsole to cushion feet, and the nylon shank helps keep the foot stable.

Don’t let plantar fasciitis rob you of your summertime fun. When it’s time to take a stroll, put on your Hurricane Xlt sandals and explore. These vegan shoes are created using synthetic and plant-based materials so you can feel good about wearing them all day long!


  • Made from recycled plastic & polyester/Eco-friendly.
  • Water-resistant and quick drying.
  • Lightweight EVA-foam midsole cushions every step.
  • Ultra comfort and durability.
  • The rugged rubber outsole provides traction on all terrains.


  • Can be small/narrow.
  • Not enough traction.
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4. Jousen Men’s Leather Open Toe Sandals for plantar fasciitis

Complement your look with this pair of best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis. These Jousen sandals not only provide you with all the features that you need but also are stylishly made to suit both casual and formal attire.

For those who like to wear sandals on a regular basis, this pair of walking sandals is a must-have due to their lightweight design, durability, and supreme comfort level.

Not only do these water sporty sandals offer great looks, but it also provides support for your feet due to the padded triple adjustable straps provided with these shoes.

This high stability and durable pair of walking sandals use a wear-resistant and non-slip stitched sole which offers shock absorption right through its sturdy design, and the leather upper material keeps your feet cool all day long.

Apart from the luxuriously finished leather upper, these walking sandals use soft lining to keep your feet relaxed and prevent blisters. 

These Jousen leather sandals allow for the arch support and shock absorption you need to keep your feet feeling great all day long. With its classic design and trendy color scheme, this pair of Jousen men’s sandals are sure to be the perfect breezy choice for anyone looking to relax in style.


  • Stylish and fashionable.
  • Sturdy, rugged, and durable thanks to its premium leather design.
  • Wear-resistant and non-slip.
  • Excellent shock absorption and support.
  • Supreme comfort and stability.
  • Superior arch support.


  • Company logo is stitched into the footbed which can be irritating.
  • Can be large/bulky.
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5. Chaco Men’s Z2 Classic Athletic Sandals for plantar fasciitis

Chaco Z2 Classic Athletic Sandals are one of the most popular sandals on the market. Of all the sandals on the market today, Chaco has created truly a unique design as they come with an ergonomic design and have fixed pull-straps that offer exceptional comfort and support during any activity. Their reputation is known globally and over 100 million pairs have been sold since 1999 to date.

The Chaco Men’s Z2 Classic Athletic Sandal is perfect whether you’re climbing a mountain in Nepal or exploring the streets of Barcelona. With a contoured, foot-shaped LUVSEAT PU footbed that cradles your foot and provides all-day comfort, it will keep you on your feet even through the most challenging terrain.

The Z2 Classic is built on a performance-oriented sole and with an improved binding system, they remain comfortable in all settings. Like all Chacos, the new Classics are anatomically correct sandals and will support your natural foot position and alignment.

The best combination of stability, grip, and shock absorption comes from the patented sole construction consisting of an extremely strong polyurethane tread which offers durable performance on any surface.,

The Chaco Men’s Z2 Classic Athletic Sandal is made with the anatomical contours of your foot in mind, and a sturdy Accu-Guard strap buckle that holds fast but won’t pinch. The Z2’s leather-like straps are hand-finished and infinitely adjustable, so they can have that perfect fit every time you slip them on.


  • Supreme flexibility & support.
  • LUVSSEAT PU footbed provides all-day comfort.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Sublime arch support.
  • Lightweight and breathable.


  • Straps are long.
  • Some may find the toe loop uncomfortable.
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Types of Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

There are many different types of sandals that can be helpful for plantar fasciitis. Some examples include:

Heel cups or arch supports:

These help to support the arch of the foot and take some of the pressure off of the plantar fascia.

Orthotic inserts:

These can be placed in sandals to provide extra support and cushioning.

Strap sandals:

Sandals with straps across the top of the foot can help to provide added support and stability.

Wedge sandals:

These sandals have a wedge of built-in cushioning which can help to take some of the pressure off of the plantar fascia.

When choosing a pair of sandals, it is important to consider what type of support and cushioning you need. You may also want to consult with a podiatrist or other medical professional to find out which type of sandal would be best for your individual case of plantar fasciitis.

Common questions about the best sandals for plantar fasciitis

What kind of sandals is best for plantar fasciitis?

There is no definitive answer, as different people will prefer different styles of sandals. However, a good option is a supportive sandal with a sturdy sole that will cushion your feet and help to align them correctly. Another important consideration is how well the sandals fit; you want to ensure they are not too tight or loose.

Are Birkenstock sandals good for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, Birkenstock sandals are often recommended as a good option for people with plantar fasciitis. They have a supportive sole and fit well, which can help to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with this condition.

Birkenstock Women’s Yara Sandal is the best women’s walking sandal for plantar fasciitis

Birkenstock Men’s Milano sandals for plantar fasciitis is the best men’s walking sandal for plantar fasciitis

Can you wear flip flops if you have plantar fasciitis?

You can wear flip flops if you have plantar fasciitis, but you may find them uncomfortable. Flip flops offer very little support, and can actually make the condition worse. If you do choose to wear them, make sure they are made from a supportive material and that they fit well.


The bottom line is that walking sandals are a viable alternative to traditional shoes for those with the foot condition of plantar fasciitis and those fashionable individuals who need to look put together without sacrificing their health. Walking sandals provide unique features and benefits which cannot be attained by using typical sneakers or high heels.

They provide adequate arch support, great shock absorption, and most importantly, there is no additional weight put on your feet as you walk (which can often be exacerbated by the additional weight of a normal shoe).

In our search for the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis, we have mostly included only products that come packed with as many features as possible. Amongst all these products, we found that the Birkenstock Women’s Yara Sandal is the best women’s walking sandal for plantar fasciitis while TEVA Men’s Hurricane Xlt2 Sandal is the best men’s walking sandal for plantar fasciitis.

This is because these walking sandals have some of the finest features and excellent performance overall. Therefore, if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis and want to find relief from the pain, then make sure to take a look at these best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis.

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Photo of author
Lucas Bonetti is a web developer from Italy. He enjoys using his skills to contribute to the development of blogging throughout his community. Lucas is passionate about open-source software and loves working on projects that make it easier for people to share their stories online. When he's not coding, Lucas likes to spend time with his wife and children, and go hiking near his home.