5 Best Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis (Reviews and Buying Guide)

When summer season hits, you certainly want to be able to rock your summer attire which obviously includes a good pair of flip-flop sandals. The story for those with plantar fasciitis is no different, however with painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis footwear with plantar fasciitis technology is needed. This is why today we’ll be telling you all about flip-flops for plantar fasciitis.

One of the most important things you can do to treat plantar fasciitis is to keep the arches supported at all times, which means you should never go barefoot during treatment. This is the reason why shoes with supportive orthotics, and wearing flip flops or sandals with built-in arch supports will make sure to keep your feet pain-free.

You may have heard that regular flip-flops offer no support for the feet, which causes the plantar fascia to stretch unnaturally; this may lead to heel pain. Wearing flip-flops also causes you to scrunch your toes in order to grip the thong of the sandal, causing you to shorten your stride. However, plantar fasciitis sufferers do not have to miss out.

Flip flops for plantar fasciitis are specifically designed to offer excellent cushioning, while also minimizing walking shocks by up to 22 percent more than normal shoes, helping to relieve heel discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis. The arch support in flip flops for plantar fasciitis keeps the foot from flattening while standing or walking and reduces tightness in the plantar fascia, allowing pain to subside.

If you can relate but have no idea where to begin, we are here to help.
Is only understandable to feel overwhelmed with so many options in the market but when you know what you are looking for things get easier. To help you in your hunt for flip flops for plantar fasciitis, check out below our top recommendations, where to find them, reviews, tips from users, and more.

Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis Reviewed In This Guide

  1. Best Overall Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis: AEROTHOTIC Original Orthotic Comfort Thong Style Flip Flops Sandals
  2. Best Seller on Amazon Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis: LLSOARSS Plantar Fasciitis Feet Best Orthotic Flip Flops
  3. Best Affordable Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis: Beslip Women’s Orthotic Flip Flops
  4. Best Soft Yoga Mal Insole Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis: KuaiLu Womens Flip Flops With Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support
  5. Best Slip Resistant Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis: Everhealth Women Orthotic Flip Flop Sandals

How To Choose The Perfect Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis For You?

In order to reduce tension on the plantar fascia and to transfer pressure off of the heel, the orthotic portion of your flip flops for plantar fasciitis must include key features such as conforming very close to the arch of the foot.

By conforming close to the arch the flip-flop or sandal will stop the collapse of the arch and act to decrease tension on the plantar fascia. This will also help to transfer pressure off of the heel and onto the arch.

When selecting flip-flops for plantar fasciitis make sure the sandal is as wide or wider than your foot. In order to transfer as much pressure as possible off of the heel, the orthotic portion of the sandal must at least as wide as the foot.

The perfect flip-flops for plantar fasciitis should also offer a deep heel cup. Deep heel cups help limit excessive rolling in of the heel. When the heel rolls in, the arch flattens and that increases tension on the plantar fascia.

With this type of support damaging tension and pressure on the heel are reduced significantly. Most people notice the difference immediately. There are many good flip-flop options with arch support which means that if you have plantar fasciitis in warmer months you are not limited to only sneakers.

Types Of Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

Rubber Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

A rubber flip-flop offers the sturdiness you are looking for. Your flip-flops should not only withstand normal wear and tear, but they should also have a strong sole that keeps you from tripping, falling and twisting your ankle. Flip-flops with rubber soles support and comfort your feet, allowing you to walk on all surfaces without stumbling around. Most rubber soles are also waterproof, meaning you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding.

Foam Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

Flip flops for plantar fasciitis made of foam are moldable, comfortable, lightweight, and shock absorbing.

Leather Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

These are the original, the traditional, and the kind that molds to your feet.

Polyester Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

The polyester flip-flops for plantar fasciitis are thinner than others, water-ready, lightweight, and comfortable.

Straw-Lined Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re looking for a different look but still want the comfort and cost of a rubber flip-flop, go with the straw-lined design. This flip flop for plantar fasciitis looks adorable with its base made from straw, but it maintains the general Y-shaped look of a flip flop. It turns any event into a beachy feel and makes a sundress or bathing suit cover-up look fabulous.

Wedge Heel Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

It’s basically a regular rubber flip flop, except it has a wedge heel extending its height made from the same material. These shoes are very inexpensive and can be a fun way to liven up a cute summer outfit.

Heeled Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

Similar to the wedge flip-flops, some women’s styles feature a heel at the back of the shoe. These heels can be tall or short and come in a wide range of thick or thin. But they all have the same Y-shaped straps with nothing on the back.

Toe Hole Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

Contrary to the popular Y-shaped design of the classic flip flop, some shoes use a crossover design for their straps instead that forming a hole for the big toe to slide through. The rest of the strap is generally the same as the Y-strap, but instead of a piece of plastic between the first two toes, your big toe is sort of secured into one hole.

Slipper Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

Slipper flip-flops look exactly like standard rubber flops, but they are completely covered in fuzzy, soft goodness that you can wear around the house on your lazy days off.

Best Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis List

1. AEROTHOTIC Original Orthotic Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis


  • Water-Resistant
  • Leather Sole
  • Casual Wear
  • Arch Support


  • Not Suitable For Wide Feet

These 100% comfortable Arch Supportive Women’s Flip-Flops, feature leather soles. The thong sandals for women are must-haves and reduce back and heel pain. Orthotic sandals for women will improve your gait and lessen foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis.

Classic women’s fashion, high arch support slippers have straps lined with cushion-soft material for a gentle feel. These comfortable flip-flops for women are the epitome of perfection.

What Our Testers Say

I’ve been in excruciating pain for weeks due to plantar fasciitis. I got a cortisone shot in my foot and insoles for my shoes and was still in pain. I took a chance and ordered these and I started wearing them Tuesday and I haven’t had any pain at all. I highly recommend these flip-flops!

Orthopedic sandals with arch support for women guarantee a comfy walking experience. Its malleable overall construction makes the footwear light in weight and easy to slip in and off.

These vacation essentials for women have a U-shaped hollow outsole that holds a firm grip on rough surfaces. Get these beach gear women’s walking sandals to take your summer fun up a notch.


If any rash occurs my doctor suggested that I soak the straps with vinegar, then wash them.

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2. LLSOARSS Orthotic Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis


  • Arch Support
  • For Flat Feet
  • Premium Material


  • Make Your Feet Sweat

The flip flops for plantar fasciitis are built-in orthotic which is shown to be effective in helping to treat pain associated with plantar fasciitis, mild to moderate pronation, metatarsal pain, heel and arch discomfort, flat feet, sore and tired feet, and other common foot conditions

What Our Testers Say

My plantar fasciitis was extremely bad in one foot, to the point of having to stretch out anytime after sitting down. These flip-flops have a high arch which seems to be helping my pronation (the flattening of my feet) due to being an overpronator (which means my foot rolls inward as I walk).

I have had two knee surgeries on the same leg as I have the plantar fasciitis and the immediate relief I have found from a less than $30 pair of shoes is amazing. I put the flip-flops on my bedside table last night and put them on before letting my feet bear any weight– the result– nearly no pain! I hope everyone can find the same sense of immediate relief that I have. I’ll revisit this

These are lightweight, and feature flexible medium-density EVA midsole, providing targeted and controlled cushioning, reducing stress on the heel, feet, and knees.

A soft woven toe post and foam-lined strap ensure a comfortable fit. Durable rubber outsole for anti-slip walking geometrical design adding more safeness. These flip-flops for plantar fasciitis will hug your arches like a natural footprint, giving you all-day support.


Users suggest wearing these for a few hours at that time for the first few days to allow your body to adapt to our biomechanical orthotic technology.

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3. Beslip Women’s Orthotic Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis


  • EVA Material
  • Anti-Slip Outsole


  • Tiny Holes At The Bottom Collects Things

Highly supported footbed molds to your foot shapes for extreme comfort that helps support the foot during high-impact activities and long distances.

What Our Testers Say

I have a bone spur and Plantar fasciitis. I have discovered the pillow foam shower shoes to be the only thing I can wear that my foot isn’t in absolute agony. I wanted something similar to wear out and about and saw these. These are as soft as the pillow shoes and also have arch support. I can wear these outside and have very little pain.

I highly recommend! They are a single piece of foam so no risk of the thong part falling apart. Also, they stay on my foot. I don’t have to scrunch up my toes to get them to stay on while I walk.

The flip-flops for plantar fasciitis are made of high-elastic EVA material, only weigh 4-5 ounces, 1.4” ultra-soft thick soles, which make you feel like walking on a cloud when you wear them.

Biomechanically designed to hug your arches, enhances comfort, and really help you relieve foot pain if your feet are uncomfortable. Durable anti-slip EVA outsole with waved texture, give your feet a good grip with no slippage and good balance, perfect for indoor and outdoor usage.


Avoid exposure to the sun for a long time, in case EVA material shrank and deformed.

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4. KuaiLu Womens Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

Sale alttexthere


  • Yoga Mat Insole
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Arch Support
  • Non-Slip
  • Waterproof Sole


  • Straps Too Loose

The flip-flops with leather straps are printed with a distinctive woven pattern and inlaid with KuaiLu’s metal logo, which is very simple and textured. The widened design of the strap makes the slippers more sporty. The insole is printed with a delicate KuaiLu pattern. The color scheme is classic and fashionable.

What Our Testers Say

I bought these sandals to wear around the house. I love going barefoot but have recently developed plantar fasciitis and find it painful to walk around barefoot, especially on our hard tile floors. These sandals are the next best thing to going barefoot without the pain. They are very easy to slip on and off, provide decent arch support, and are very comfortable.

These orthotic sandals for women use thick cushioned sole and contoured arch support, which can help relieve pressure and pain caused by foot pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, and other related plantar problems.

The flip flops for plantar fasciitis feature a soft yoga mat insole that can liberate your feet, just like walking on the cloud, bringing you a comfortable feeling. Very easy to slip on and off, the light weight allows you to wear it for a long time without fatigue. The sturdy footbed supplies great traction for long-distance walking.


These literally look great with anything you put on, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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5. Everhealth Women Orthotic Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

No products found.


  • For Flat Feet
  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Ultra-Soft
  • Shock Absorbing & Slip-Resistant


  • Upper Part Not Leather

The arch-supportive women’s sandal, which features ultra-soft leather straps, classic neutral colorways, and eye-catching design is sure to earn a place in the spotlight, the style of these stylish sandals for women adds shine to your vacation.

Ultra-soft uppers with a water-resistant footbed, and are durable rubber outsoles with a patterned tread that offers enhanced traction on wet and dry surfaces for non-slip safety.

A podiatrist-designed footbed built into the Everhealth sandals, and flip-flops. The curve of the footbed is designed in accordance with the foot structure, out of doctor’s data from patients and Ergonomic knowledge.

What Our Testers Say

I recently purchased these shoe so I could wear them as house shoes. I suffer from plantar fasciitis, I am Unable to walk around bare foot. I immediately noticed a difference once putting them on and walking around the house. These are it! Comfort is great! I was recently wearing crocs and still needed a foot insert to keep that pain out of my heal and support for my arch. I’m so happy I came across these on my search for a comfortable arch supported sandal.

You’ll feel the support for arches and heels is on point. Everhealth Technology promotes proper foot alignment and foot pressure distribution, providing support for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel spurs/pain, and also help correct your gait & posture.

The orthopedic sandals are designed with a structured deep U-shaped heel cup. It helps to evenly distribute your feet pressure, improves foot and leg alignment, enhances comfort, and realigns the skeletal system to protect the heel during the severe impact of landing.


They do run small so order up a size.

No products found.

Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis Buying Guide

What Is A Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis?

Flip flops for plantar fasciitis are sandals that help you walk without cringing. The footbed of the shoe should be thick and rigid, with good arch support, and thick heel cups, with some padding for your foot as you walk.

Flip flops for plantar fasciitis take the stress off of the foot or controls flat feet (over-pronation) providing relief in acute plantar fasciitis.

How Does Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis Work?

Flip flops for plantar fasciitis are made with high-density foam and the Microwobbleboard midsole which ensures that plantar fascia is adequately exercised and stretched, preventing pain from returning to many patients, including in cases of chronic plantar fasciitis.

The Microwobbleboard midsole may not have been developed with foot pain sufferers in mind, but for someone who suffers from plantar fasciitis, the pain-relieving properties are much more important than making the muscles enabled for faster toning, which is just an added extra.

The technology consists of triple-density EVA foam rubber, which helps to stimulate muscles in the lower body. The architecture is such that it also improves the mobility ability of the feet.

Features To Look For In Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis


Flip-flops feel different for each person, mainly due to your foot arch. Think of it this way: If you have a high arch, you need flip-flops with a similar high arch. If you have a flat arch, you need flip-flops with a lower arch.

Experts say you want a flip-flop that supports your arch type. Most people have a normal-to-flat arch. You can tell if a flip-flop matches your arch by simply trying them on. It should just immediately feel comfortable.

Arch Support

Pronation, which refers to the motion of your foot and ankle and how much they move from side to side as you walk or run, plays a big role in the importance of arch support, especially for people with plantar fasciitis. All feet do this to some degree, but many people have overpronation, which causes the foot to turn excessively inward when they walk.

This can cause or worsen flat feet and people with flat feet are prone to developing plantar fasciitis. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction can also cause the flattening of the foot.
That’s where arch support comes in.

Appropriate arch support prevents excessive pronation in flat-footed individuals and provides an additional contact area for those with high arches. Not only will arch support help shape the movement of your feet as you walk, but it can also help shape the insole of your feet into an optimal curvature that’s not too flat or too high.

Slight Heel

Experts recommend that men and women both look for a flip flop with a slight heel or wedge to relieve fasciitis symptoms. This doesn’t mean that everyone should be walking around in high heels, but that the heel of your shoe should be raised at least a small amount above the rest of your foot.

The sandal should have a mild lift heel with a minimum heel drop of four millimeters. This helps minimize tension on the plantar fascia.

Footbed Types

  • Light Foam. These are often found in less expensive shoes. The light foam is the least stable option and one that offers the least foot/ankle support.
  • Foot-Molding. Travel flip-flops with EVA or foam/rubber blends that won’t forget the shape of your feet. These shoes offer more shock absorption than support and although their comfort level is high, they can often exacerbate any foot problems you’ve got going on.
  • Molded or Contoured. More often than not, these are the types of footbeds that are recommended for long-term use and wear. Often out of EVA, leather, or other blends, these are the shoes that are harder to bend in the center. Molded or contoured footbeds are sturdier, far more durable, made for long walking days on mild to medium terrain, and provide the most stability and support of all of the options.

Heel Cups

Any well-contoured footbed should come with a defined heel cup, an inset for your heel to fit snugly within. This is because heel cups help to both stabilize your foot on the sandal and contain the fat pad under your heel, which offers natural cushioning. Deep heel cups keep your heel padded while keeping you stabilized with every step.


Having a strap will help your toes better grip the shoe without being overworked. Flip flops without heel straps can cause your fascia to tighten, which can contribute to plantar fasciitis.


No matter whether you’re looking for women’s flip-flops for plantar fasciitis or other types of sandals, rubber soles are crucial. This feature will prevent you from slipping and falling, two risky situations that could end in your ankle twisting. Apart from that, the rubber sole will provide much better support. It allows you to walk on different terrain with more stability.

Common Questions About Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

Can you wear flip-flops with plantar fasciitis?

The right flip-flops shoes for men and women can help to accentuate the movement of the foot from heel to toe, provide good protection for the foot arches, and excellent cushioning in the body. The smooth-rolling motion gives the plantar fascia a gentle stretch, equivalent to walking barefoot through soft sand.

What flip-flops have the best arch support?

Some of the brands that are quite recommended are Vionic, Reef, and Spenco. You can also go with products from Crocs or Birkenstock.

Are memory foam flip-flops good for your feet?

Since many experts recommend wearing it, then well, the answer is yes! Flip-flops with memory foam will put less stress on your plantar fasciitis. This type of footwear would be highly recommended, especially for professions that require a lot of walking. For example, nurses, teachers, postmen, and so on.

Is a sandal the same as a flip-flop?

A flip-flop is not quite the same thing as a sandal. One might classify it under the “types of sandals” heading, but a sandal is not a flip flop.

While both sandals and flip-flops are known for being summery, outdoorsy kinds of footwear given that they expose the majority of your feet to the elements, only flip-flops are named for the sound they make while you are wearing them.

Enjoy Your New Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis

Flip flops for plantar fasciitis are specifically designed to offer excellent cushioning, while also minimizing walking shocks. So now you know it, with the right flip-flops for plantar fasciitis you can enjoy the summer pain-free while also looking stylish, it’s a win-win!

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate in sending us your messages. We are always excited to hear from you and hope you had found this guide with flip flops for plantar fasciitis options helpful.

Photo of author
Izzy created this blog because she has tried dozens of pairs of shoes over the years and just about broke the bank to buy a pair of go-to everyday walking shoes that she can wear comfortably. She has made it her mission to find and recommend the best plantar fasciitis shoes, products, and exercise equipment for her readers.
Photo of author
Izzy created this blog because she has tried dozens of pairs of shoes over the years and just about broke the bank to buy a pair of go-to everyday walking shoes that she can wear comfortably. She has made it her mission to find and recommend the best plantar fasciitis shoes, products, and exercise equipment for her readers.