Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball (Top Rated and Buying Guide)

Wishing to find instant relief for your plantar fasciitis pain? We hear you. As part of your plantar fasciitis treatment, experts recommend a plantar fasciitis massage ball. These are great because they aren’t only affordable but can also provide instant relief to your painful condition. As a result today we’ll be telling you all you need to know about the plantar fasciitis massage ball.

Foot massagers come in different shapes but the massage ball is a user favorite. These aren’t only cheap but also compact, and durable; overall a convenient option to take anywhere with you. The ball shape is easy to use standing up or sitting down, so you can keep your feet loose even while you’re at your desk.

These simple massage tools make for a great solution, helping to release tension in the fascia due to trauma, posture, or inflammation. Ideal for relieving tension and soothing sore muscles. Additionally, a plantar fasciitis massage ball is ideal for rolling back and forth beneath your foot to help soothe the plantar fascia; models with spikes mimic acupressure techniques that can help loosen tight muscles and increase circulation.

As you can tell by now, a plantar fasciitis massage ball increases flexibility to help treat heel spurs and plantar fasciitis pain. At this point, you are probably wondering where can you get a plantar fasciitis massage ball. Glad you asked, continue reading and find our selection of the top plantar fasciitis massage ball options currently available on the market now.

Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball Reviewed In This Guide

  1. Best Overall Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball: Massage Ball – Spiky for Deep Tissue Back Massage
  2. Best Seller on Amazon Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball: TriggerPoint MobiPoint Textured Massage Ball
  3. Best Affordable Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball: Due North Industrial Rubz Foot
  4. Best Set Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball: Plyopic Massage Ball Set
  5. Best Vibrating Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball: High-Intensity Vibrating Massage Ball

How To Choose The Perfect Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball For You?

When choosing the perfect plantar fasciitis massage ball, there are a number of things to consider and keep in mind before making that final investment.

The best foot massagers target the plantar fascia in your feet, which can become tense after prolonged activity like running. Keeping your feet strong and healthy can improve your running form and prevent injuries like plantar fasciitis.

An effective plantar fasciitis massage ball can be as simple as a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or even a frozen water bottle. But a few extra features can improve the experience.

A plantar fasciitis massage ball can come in all shapes and sizes, giving you the power to choose the best model for your feet. While some massagers stick to a ball shape and use added texture to create a more aggressive massage, others use an elongated shape to accommodate the contours of the whole foot.

Similar to the best foam rollers, foot massagers come in manual and battery-powered models. This allows you to control exactly how much pressure you want and to use a variety of features to personalize your message.

Types Of Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball

Textured Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball

Mimicking the hands of a masseuse, ridges, and knobs on a foam roller can provide a more precisely targeted massage to work out knots in your muscles. Many rollers include a variety of textures so you can find the right amount of pressure.

Having spikes on the ball enables you to target trigger points, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the muscles to recover more efficiently.

Smooth Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball

This basic design provides even pressure across the entire length of the foot. A smooth foam roller is a good choice for someone who is just getting into rolling because the pressure is not as intense as with a textured roller. Also, smooth foam rollers are typically less expensive than textured rollers.

Best Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball List

1. Spiky for Deep Tissue Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball

Sale alttexthere


  • Spiky
  • Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy
  • Compact Muscle Roller
  • Rubber
  • Portable


  • Strong Smell

The Master of Muscle Mauler Ball is your essential foot roller tool to help roll away those deep muscle knots in the ball of your foot, rolling away that pain so you can go harder – your feet will feel as light as a feather.

The spiked balls are made of durable, firm solid rubber to withstand any body weight. The high dense spike ball reaches deeper into the fascia for tension release and will be your ultimate body massager therapy ball and foot roller.

What Our Testers Say

I have had plantar fasciitis for 6 months due my feet having high arches. I was in constant pain and unable to run or walk for long period of time. I would wake up and hobble around for the first 30 minutes of the day like an old lady even though I am still in my 20s. I bought this ball, willing to try anything to get this pain to go away. After only a week of using it, I can run and walk all I want AND I don’t have any more pain in the mornings!!! This little ball is a miracle worker.

The spiky outer layer gives you a stimulating massage and increases circulation throughout the entire body. Perfect massage roller and back roller for both pre and post-workout to rejuvenate and revitalize all areas of the body so you can train harder for longer.

Small and compact, this massage ball is perfect for a warm-up and cool-down routine at the gym, yoga, and pilates studios.


This ball is quite hard and it is not squishy. When using it, you need to roll your foot around on it and even “dig in” to the areas that hurt or are sensitive to break up the scar tissue.

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2. TriggerPoint Textured Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball

Sale alttexthere


  • Plastic
  • Hygienic Construction
  • Easy To Clean
  • Targeted Foot Pain Relief


  • Too Small
  • Spikes Too Soft

TriggerPoint MobiPoint Massage Ball provides direct muscle compression to help relieve soreness, discomfort, and tightness.

The plantar fasciitis massage ball is designed with a 2-inch diameter, this massage ball can be used to apply targeted pressure in small surface areas such as hands and feet. Raised tip texture makes the MobiPoint Massage Ball perfect to help enhance mobility and decrease soreness.

The solid plastic construction of this massage ball makes it durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. TriggerPoint empowers people to move and feel better.

What Our Testers Say

I am a runner who runs a lot of miles. I have been having some plantar fasciitis from overdoing some speed training. I bought this ball to help roll out my foot before and after runs. After using this product my foot has been feeling better than it has in months. I still get a little pain, but this ball has really helped to loosen up my foot and decrease the frequency and severity of discomfort. I would definitely buy this product again. For the price they charge, it is very much worth the money.

The product is designed and developed to mimic the touch of a therapist’s hands, so people of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities can feel their best wherever they are.


I recommend keeping them in one drawer or space at all times or your pets might play with them and they will disappear.

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3. Due North Industrial Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball


  • Firm Construction
  • Flexible Rubber
  • Hands & Feet
  • Compact
  • Easy To Use


  • A Bit Small.

Rubz Green ball massages trouble spots on hands, feet, and other muscles to reduce tension, relax muscles and increase circulation. The ball can be used to relieve Plantar Fasciitis symptoms, break up fascia, or relieve tight and sore muscles.

Strategically placed, flat spikes stimulate muscles without creating sharp pain from pointed spike massage balls. Apply desired pressure to relieve tension without exceeding your comfort zone.

Use this plantar fasciitis massage ball anywhere: in your home or at the office, gym, health club, and more. Doctor recommendations support Rubz to relieve Plantar Fasciitis. Great for runners, working long hours on your feet, athletes, and more. Can also be used as a stress ball.

What Our Testers Say

It didn’t look like much but good things come in small packages. I used a frozen water bottle until this arrived. It has been very helpful with the tight muscle in my foot from plantar fasciitis. I think my arches simply sigh with relief after a day on my feet! I’ve found it’s easier for me to control sitting down also used a bit too much pressure standing up. I’ll use it even after my plantar fasciitis eases up.

The Rubz ball is designed with a dense rubber material that is firm to combat deep trigger points and break up fascia tissue. The rubber is flexible for adjusting pressure without damaging flooring.


To prevent falling, do not stand when using this product on your feet. Sit for maximum stability.

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4. Plyopic Set Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball


  • Deep Tissue Muscle Recovery
  • Myofascial Release
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Rubber


  • Hard Spikes

Take pain relief back into your own hands with a kit designed to target your widest range of body tissues: lower and upper back, neck, shoulders, glutes, legs, knees, hands, and feet.

Soothe away the pain of plantar fasciitis and flat feet after a long day. Roll away those deep muscle knots in the heel, arch, and soles of your feet and feel light as a feather. Plyopic Massage Balls are made from premium, latex-free, non-toxic materials and are able to withstand heavy use, either by those who enjoy intense massage strokes or by athletes who need a comprehensive warm-up tool.

What Our Testers Say

I don’t normally do reviews. But this little cheap set of balls has managed to do instantly what i have not managed to do with soft or bumpy foam rollers and expensive massage machines and also the back buddy. With in ten minutes i was able to release the knots out of my upper back and also release the tension in my glutes so that I could touch my toes. i had assumed my glutes were fine as rollers had made no difference but i felt the pain as soon as i used the balls and got instant relief. Could not recommend enough

Release stress and tension through penetration of both light and deep muscle tissues using self-massage, acupressure, reflexology, myofascial and physical therapies.

With the plantar fasciitis massage ball, you can increase your strength, mobility, and flexibility and recover faster from injury when used as pre and post-workout tools in Yoga, Pilates, Tennis, Golf, Lacrosse, etc. A travel essential for athletes, sportsmen, and women.


Would not recommend working on the same spot every day as this can aggravate a specific area so you need to target a different area if used on a daily basis.

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5. High-Intensity Vibrating Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball

Sale alttexthere


  • Trigger Point Treatment
  • Foam
  • Battery Powered


  • Power Button Isn’t Recessed Enough

This revolutionary Vibrating Massage Ball is designed to treat small muscle groups. Its high-intensity vibration helps penetrate deep into muscles for an effective tension release massage.

Use VULKEN Acusphere for rapid Plantar Fasciitis relief, effective Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Treatment.

What Our Testers Say

The Vulken Acusphere is between the size of a baseball and softball. I find that the size fits perfectly in my hands when I am using it. The charge lasted several hours. I was pleasantly surprised at the vibration strength (for some reason I was expecting it to not be this strong). I found that it worked well at reducing knots in my lower neck/shoulders and dramatically relieved my myofascial pain. Overall I am happy with this purchase.

When compared to foam rollers, the vibrating massage ball goes deeper and is more flexible. It could work in a circular motion, side to side and up and down, giving more pressure on specific areas for a targeted massage, while foam rollers disperse pressure broadly and more evenly.

With only 3.75” in diameter, the lightweight and compact Acusphere massage ball is portable that you can bring it along anywhere you like for relaxation. The best companion for your camping trip.


Press & hold the power button to turn off the vibration.

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Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball Buying Guide

What Is A Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball?

A plantar fasciitis massage ball is a myofascial tool that helps reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow, and aid injury rehabilitation.

Some foot massagers contain raised points that allow you to roll them up and down with your feet. Usually, plantar fasciitis massage balls are made of rubber, plastic, and wood and are easy to carry wherever you go. These foot massagers are highly beneficial in easing pain from the feet and thus help in relaxing your feet from tension or pressures at work or at home.

A massage ball is compact and portable, making on-the-go foot therapy easier than ever before. Leave it next to the bed for a relaxing foot massage after a long day, or start the day off right by stretching your plantar fascia, toes, and foot pad in the morning.
If you regularly exercise or you’re on your feet all day, a plantar fasciitis massage ball is an excellent way to stretch out the muscles in your feet, increase their flexibility, and relieve soreness, tightness, and tension.

How Does A Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball Works?

The plantar fasciitis massage ball is used primarily to exercise the plantar fascia, which is the ligament that connects our heels to our feet. For the hamstrings, the physical stretching that occurs by rolling an item back and forth with our foot helps to gently stretch and work out the muscle.
The goal of a foot massage ball for plantar fasciitis is to break up the tension and improve blood flow, without aggravating your symptoms. While some discomfort is expected, especially near the beginning of the massage, be gentle with your feet, and take it slow and steady.

There are ridges and massage points on the massage ball that massages your feet; essentially utilizing the same concept as acupressure, an ancient Chinese therapy technique that targets “pressure points” in your body to relax and stimulate the muscles and nerves.

Features To Look For In A Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball


A great massage ball has a good grip and won’t slide easily against a wood floor, wall, or your skin. This makes it easier to control the movement and prevents the ball from slipping out from under you or falling if you’re using it against the wall.


Each body part will respond best to a different hardness. Also, as the health and flexibility of your tissues improve, you’ll want to use harder massage balls over time. Injured tissues will always need softer massage balls. The hollow and solid ball can both have the same hardness, but they will feel different.

Injured tissues will always need softer massage balls.


Most plantar fasciitis ball options have around the same size. Remember you want to select the size based on the body part you’re working on. For the technically minded, the golf ball has a diameter of 42.7 mm and the lacrosse ball’s diameter is 63 mm. L


The heavier the ball the more likely it is to stay where you put it. Solid balls are preferable to hollow or inflatable because of their greater weight. The solid balls also deform more predictably when you put your weight on them.


Those with poor circulation in their feet can benefit from plantar fasciitis massage balls that vibrate. This will help stimulate blood flow and sensitivity. However, those with limited sensation in the skin should steer clear of anything that applies deep pressure or kneading in order to avoid unintentionally hurting themselves.

Common Questions About Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball

Does massage ball help plantar fasciitis?

Massaging your feet sends blood flow to the affected area, and breaks down painful adhesions (improperly healed tears) on the plantar fascia ligament. Mobility balls activate trigger points in the heel and foot, which helps relax these stressed areas.

Does vibration massage help plantar fasciitis?

Experts say that long-term vibration therapy of the plantar fascia effectively provides relief of lower-limb spasticity and improves motor function of patients.

What does the spiky ball do for plantar fasciitis?

A golf ball can be an okay substitute, a lacrosse ball will not get into the areas you need it to and a tennis ball will be too soft. The spikes will allow the tissue to be broken up and the knots that are in the plantar fascia to be diminished.

Does rolling a tennis ball under your foot help plantar fasciitis?

Placing a tennis ball on the ground and gently rolling it under your foot for a few minutes can help loosen up your plantar fascia, making it much less likely to become irritated. Put enough pressure on the ball to get a deep massage. You may feel some soreness, but back off if you feel any pain.

How to use a plantar fasciitis massage ball?

  1. Sit down in a comfortable chair or couch and put a ball under the arch of one foot. Lean forward to use your body weight to regulate the pressure on the ball.
  2. Slowly roll the ball up and down the length of your foot and then from side to side. Start with mild pressure and gradually add more by pressing down on the ball as you roll it.
  3. Roll for about a minute.

What are the benefits of using a spikey ball for plantar fasciitis?

There are a great number of benefits from using a spikey ball, especially when you find yourself on your feet for long hours either at work or on the field. These hard and spiky balls are excellent at massaging. The small spikes improve blood flow, reduce pain, and calm inflammation. There is also evidence that spikey ball exercises can improve mobility and lower recovery times after intense workouts.

What exercise can you do with a plantar fasciitis massage ball?

Centre Foot

  1. In a seated position, place the spiky ball beneath your foot, keeping it central
  2. Move the ball back and forth, from one end to another, cover the whole length of the foot
  3. To apply increased pressure use your forearm on your knee to apply added pressure to your foot on the ball.

The Ball Of The Foot

  1. Move the ball to just behind the inside of the ball of your foot
  2. The ball should be sitting just at the base of your big toe
  3. Massage this area with small and controlled rotations or go back and forth
  4. Lighter pressure may be needed in this area

Front Of The Heel

  1. Move the ball back to the inside of the arch
  2. Massage the ball with controlled circular motions to hit the inside of the foot arch

Enjoy Your New Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball

The right plantar fasciitis massage ball can provide an at-home massage and stretch, helping you relieve pain and help prevent the condition from becoming chronic.

Remember, plantar fasciitis pain tends to be most severe first thing in the morning. Use your plantar fasciitis massage ball, before you get out of bed and put weight on your feet to help relieve pain.

We sincerely hope you had found this information useful and feel free to send us a message with any comments or questions you may have. We are always excited to hear from you.

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Izzy created this blog because she has tried dozens of pairs of shoes over the years and just about broke the bank to buy a pair of go-to everyday walking shoes that she can wear comfortably. She has made it her mission to find and recommend the best plantar fasciitis shoes, products, and exercise equipment for her readers.
Photo of author
Izzy created this blog because she has tried dozens of pairs of shoes over the years and just about broke the bank to buy a pair of go-to everyday walking shoes that she can wear comfortably. She has made it her mission to find and recommend the best plantar fasciitis shoes, products, and exercise equipment for her readers.