5 Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis (Reviews and Buying Guide)

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, you know the pain caused by this condition can be quite intense; this unfortunately common condition can be quite debilitating and frankly quite painful.

If you want to get better, proper treatment must be followed and thankfully there are also tools that can help you fight heel pain. Such is the case with the best socks for plantar fasciitis.

As you probably already know, plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia gets torn or injured. If you suffer from this pain, you’re not alone. In addition to stretching exercises and wearing proper footwear, experts also recommend wearing the best socks for plantar fasciitis you can get your hands on.

Socks for plantar fasciitis are a great tool in the fight against heel pain, they are not only effective but also affordable. When talking about the night sock for plantar fasciitis, we talk about socks that will give you an extra boost to your pain-fighting efforts. This will also give you stability and most of all will help you reduce inflammation and pain.

When dealing with plantar fasciitis, anything that offers to deal with pain and help increase circulation is certainly worth trying.

As you can tell, the best socks for plantar fasciitis can help relieve heel and arch pain. So if you are currently searching for ways to reduce your plantar fasciitis symptoms, socks for plantar fasciitis are a no-brainer. And to give you a hand in your very important quest, we’ve put together a short list of the best socks for plantar fasciitis, reviews, tips from users, and more.

Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis Reviewed In This Guide

  1. Best Overall Socks For Plantar Fasciitis: SB SOX Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks for Women & Men
  2. Best Seller on AmazonSocks For Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar Fasciitis Sock for Men and Women, Compression Foot Sleeves
  3. Best AffordableSocks For Plantar Fasciitis: TechWare Pro Plantar Fasciitis Socks
  4. Best Athletic Socks For Plantar Fasciitis: Compression Socks Plantar Fasciitis for Women Men
  5. Best Single Strap Socks For Plantar Fasciitis: StrictlyStability Single Strap Night Sock

How To Choose The Perfect Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis For You?

If you are currently searching for the best socks for plantar fasciitis, you really want to keep in mind a number of features that combined can offer the comfort level your aching feet need.

With numerous styles, colors, and designs out there, how do you identify night socks for plantar fasciitis that will actually help your condition and not make it worse? Choosing the right socks for you is vital; you need socks that provide comfort and reduce pain. And compression is the word you mostly want to focus on.

When choosing the best socks for plantar fasciitis, you additionally want to keep your eyes peeled for the right materials, features like breathability are also as important. An effective pair of socks should provide additional stability as well. They should also gently stretch the plantar fascia, leading to reduced pain.

You want the best socks for plantar fasciitis that are easy to wear, and unlike night splints, you can wear them all day. If you find a pair with good compression, the increased circulation can help reduce inflammation and pain.

Again, look for a material that is lightweight, soft, and breathable. Some find that the toe area can be irritating in compression socks. If you don’t like having your toes squeezed, you might want to look for a toeless sleeve model.

Some of the best socks for plantar fasciitis come with an adjustable strap that allows you to customize the level of compression and stretch you receive. A proper fit is also really important, so make sure you read, analyze, and study the sizing chart.

Types Of Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

Orthosleeve Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

The FS4 Orthotic Sock aids in reducing swelling, improves circulation, and relieves foot pain. All this plus reduces soreness resulting from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, swollen feet, and more.

Incorporating the award-winning and patented FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve technology, the FS4 Orthotic Socks aid in preventing Plantar Fasciitis symptom onset and act as an overall foot health aid. The socks are made with seamless, soft moisture-wicking fabric with anti-odor treatment and padding in the right places to create a foot health sock with orthotic benefits.

Thermoskin Walk-On Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

The Thermoskin Walk-On Plantar FXT Socks provide superior support technology to help relieve pain and assist with the everyday management of foot conditions. These ankle compression socks are designed with targeted compression zones to combat the ache of plantar fasciitis, arch, and heel pain.

The extra cushioning at the ball of the foot adds additional comfort between steps. The Thermoskin Walk-On Ankle Socks combine medical-grade compression, support, and enhanced comfort to painful areas in your feet and ankles.

Full-length Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

Full-length socks provide compression for your calves and your feet. Compression knee socks provide added support to your calf, making them beneficial for alleviating varicose vein pain, leg swelling, and blood clots, as well as plantar fasciitis.

Low-cut Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

A low-cut pair of night socks for plantar fasciitis would work on sore toes or feet. The ankle-height socks provide light compression and are made with material that resists bacteria, odor, and moisture. They also have a special heel tab to help you avoid getting blisters.

Moderate Graduated Compression Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

Graduated compression socks apply less and less pressure as they go up your leg. For people with plantar fasciitis, this may be a more comfortable choice than snugger knee-highs.

Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis List

1. SB SOX Women & Men Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

Sale alttexthere


  • Arch Support
  • Foot/Heel Pain Relief
  • Everyday Us
  • Women & Men


  • Ankle Band Too Tight, Not For Fat Ankles

These plantar fasciitis compression socks are perfect for relieving your foot pain, whether from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain, foot injury, and Achilles tendonitis.

The socks are very comfortable, lightweight, and breathable so that you can wear them all day on your feet and also at night if you prefer! Your feet will feel amazing the next day and even in the morning.
The best socks for plantar fasciitis provide targeted compression throughout your foot to help reduce nagging swelling and fatigue by improving blood flow and providing arch support.

What Our Testers Say

I love these socks! I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis for over 3 months now. Nothing seemed to work, stretching, medication or rest. The moment I put on these socks, I felt relief the first day. I wear them each night before going to bed and sometimes wear them throughout the day. Although my condition will heal with time, these socks make the process so much more bearable. I will be ordering more. Thanks

These are great for daily use for any activity: running, walking, working, yoga, pilates, weight lifting, cycling, medical, retail, hospitality, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, golf, tennis, soccer, and any other sport.


To wash these you can machine wash in cold water, air dry, and don’t use a dryer.

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2. Compression Foot Sleeves Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

Sale alttexthere


  • Ankle Support
  • Arch support
  • Pain Relief
  • Flexible


  • Slippery Heel

These compression foot sleeve helps relieve foot pain by stretching tendons and relieving pressure on the plantar fascia. Including relief of plantar fasciitis, arch pain, and heel pain. They can also improve foot circulation, stabilize ankle joint, aid in recovery from edema and heel spurs, and helps stabilize feet and prevent injuries.

The plantar fasciitis sock provides effective arch compression, helps reduce heel pressure, promotes foot blood circulation, increases foot flexibility and strength, and appropriately transfers excessive fascial pressure to relieve plantar fasciitis, heel & arch pain.

You can wear it at night to keep your feet in the correct bend so that you will not get stung when you wake up and walk the next day. The compression ankle socks can be worn all year round. The light and breathable fabric with 80% Nylon & 20% Spandex is so comfortable.

What Our Testers Say

What I like about the socks is the quantity for good quality. I had already bought these special socks for foot swelling, pain and bad circulation about a year ago when they were new to the market. The price for one pair was the same amount for six pairs from this company. I am so delighted to have six pairs in order to have three new pairs for myself and to give my friend three pairs to start her on her journey to comfort and relief

It can be worn all day. Relief your foot pain and enjoy your life, free to sports, baseball, running, basketball, soccer, walking, hiking, or any athletic fitness sport.


Go one size up for wider feet or thick ankles, also for lighter compression.

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3. Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis


  • Arch Support
  • Thin Design
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Closed Toe


  • A bit Tight

The sleeve provides compression on the plantar fasciitis ligament to minimize the inflamed heel pain and throbbing allowing one to stand and walk more comfortably.

The fit sock can be used alone or with another pair of socks giving you the extra protection that you require to get you through your day or night with less pain.
These socks are designed with a relaxed, slightly flared top band. Your feet will stay dry during the toughest workouts.

What Our Testers Say

Nice fit and good results. I have used these sock braces at intervals and all day long at work which entails at least 8 hours on my feet. I have had my feet operated on for plantar fascia releases and I will be purchasing more. Really nice support. I have had other products but these are full support without binding or noticeable arch control specific that has been too much in other products. I recommend this product to others that may need something to comfort their pain and may be able to avoid surgery for bone spurs that I developed in my heels.

The lightweight stretch sock helps to provide relief from sprains, fractures, arthritis, swelling, tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and other foot issues to fatigued swollen feet. Or just to soothe tired feet in a slim, breathable, moisture-wicking soft fabric.


Make sure that the socks are on the ankle firmly but not so tight as to cause numbness to the foot.

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4. Compression Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

Sale alttexthere


  • Pain Relief
  • Arch Support
  • Comfortable


  • Not available In Solid Colors

Feel the immediate Comfort and remarkable design of your new Low Cut Running Compression Socks. They’re easier and more convenient than knee-high compression socks without compromising quality or comfort.

You can expect premium quality stitching for running, working, or cycling; these are also easy to get on even though they are compression socks. ACTINPUT compression technology (8-15mmHg) provides the ideal compression to improve blood flow, move faster, react quicker, and use less energy. Circulation support to fight fatigue.

What Our Testers Say

I’ve had plantar fasciitis for about 6 years now and it becomes very frustrating when you are an athlete and have to go easy because of your “evil” foot! I have been using other remedies (foot exercises, healing oil, etc) as well recently, but I do notice or I should say do not notice nearly as much pain and inflammation when wearing these socks! I wear them under my regular gym socks and prefer wearing those oversleeves that I’ve purchased! Good buy 🙂

Targeted compression zones provide varying levels of support from moderate to extra firm. These are designed to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow and prevent cramping, fatigue, and swelling. Relief from pain due to plantar fasciitis and foot injuries, assistance with recovery after exercise.
Ensure you receive the focused support and muscle fatigue relief that you need with this form-fitting, lightweight, and breathable fabric that maintain foot stability.


The stitching across the toes is perfect, you can even wear these with sandals.

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5. StrictlyStability Single Strap Night Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

Sale alttexthere


  • Adjustable
  • Easy To Wear
  • Pain Relief


  • Only Two Sizes are Available

Simply wear to bed, for relief of plantar fasciitis, tight calves, and Achilles tendinitis. It can help reduce or eliminate the first few painful steps in the morning.

Pull adjustable dorsiflexion strap to desired position for slight, gentle, effective stretch of plantar fascia.

The night socks for plantar fasciitis are a medically proven low-cost relief with lightweight breathable material that can be worn for hours as a supplement to traditional treatments. It might feel uncomfortable at first, that’s to be expected as it’s keeping a controlled stretch.

What Our Testers Say

I loved how well the sock stretched to fit my calf. I maybe should have ordered the large since my calf is 15.5″ where the strap goes. There was hook velcro exposed that scratched my other leg. I put a piece of loop velcro over it. Once I got onto where my toes needed to be to not be squashed together I had this down pat and have really appreciated how quickly that all-night slight stretch reduced the morning plantar fasciitis pain upon standing. Thank you to whoever invented this. My walking is better and I am expecting a complete recovery.

Ease pain with an effective stretch of calf muscle and soft tissues of foot and ankle.


Wear at night. Pull dorsiflexion straps to the desired stretch. The strap should go under the ball of the foot.

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Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis Buying Guide

What Are The Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis?

The best socks for plantar fasciitis are those that should provide arch support. Arch support socks lend additional support and stability to your feet. All of these things work together to help reduce pain.

Compression socks are considered good for plantar fasciitis as they reduce the mobility of your feet by providing support to arches and ankles. Thus your alignment gets improved, and feet tissues don’t get stressed. They also help in preventing injuries due to exercising in bad posture.
Some socks for plantar fasciitis are even comfortable enough to be worn under another pair of socks and/or with a pair of shoe inserts.

How Do The Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis Work?

Compression socks work by promoting improved blood flow in your legs. The compression of the socks gently pushes blood flow up the leg, helping to prevent swelling and even blood clots.
The best socks for plantar fasciitis work by improving blood flow and reducing the inflammation caused by the condition.

These socks put pressure on the soles of your feet and, in some cases, your calves. This helps improve blood flow and reduce swelling. They may also decrease inflammation and help reduce pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Compression socks for plantar fasciitis are made to gently squeeze your legs more than your regular socks would in order to improve blood circulation in the legs.

These compression socks are made to improve mobility while providing instant relief to your foot pain due to plantar fasciitis. Professional-grade compression socks are constructed to be super comfortable, breathable, and flexible regardless of your foot condition.

Features To Look For In Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis


Choosing the right compression can be confusing when buying a night sock for plantar fasciitis. Some socks have graduated compression, which means the level of compression is strongest at the ankle and reduces as you move up the leg. The level of compression also depends on the function of the socks. Health experts can help you determine your ideal compression socks.


Compression socks are a practical garment for a variety of conditions yet they are underutilized because most people aren’t aware of their benefits. Aside from plantar fasciitis, compression socks can be used in other conditions that affect your legs. Talk to your doctor about which socks are most appropriate for your plantar fasciitis.


Wearing the wrong size of compression socks can cause discomfort and pain in your legs or even worsen your condition. You can avoid this by measuring your legs to get the right size for your compression stockings. Depending on the type of socks you intend to wear, there are a couple of ways to approach your measurement.

If the socks will only be knee-high, you should measure your ankle circumference as well as your calf length and circumference, while for pantyhose or thigh-high compression socks, you should measure your hip circumference, thigh length, and thigh circumference.


Though not generally considered fashionable, there are some options of compression socks for plantar fasciitis that are fashionable to wear if you don’t want to compromise on your style. From skin tone color designs to colorful polka dots or fun animal prints, there are several options to choose from if you’re on the market for elegant compression stockings.


Some of the popular materials used in crafting compression socks include elastane, lycra, microfiber and nylon. If you want durability and longevity, lycra-made socks are an excellent choice. When it comes to comfort and breathability, options made of microfiber and nylon are also great. If you are also looking for stockings that are snug-fitting and not painfully tight, you can go for options that contain elastane or spandex woven into the fabric, which stretch and prevent the socks from digging into your skin.

Toe Design

An open-toe design sock provides compression to your feet without pinching your toes. However, if you require a pair that you can wear with formal or sports shoes, go with the closed-toe variants.

Common Questions About Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

What kind of socks should I wear with plantar fasciitis?

Compression socks work by putting pressure on the soles of your feet and, in some cases, your calves. This helps improve blood flow and reduce swelling. They may also decrease inflammation and help reduce pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Do Compression Socks Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Totally. Compression socks might not always be super comfortable, but they do increase circulation. Increased circulation can help reduce swelling and inflammation along the bottoms of your feet, where the plantar fascia ligament lives. Unlike shoes or custom orthotics, you can wear them while you’re off your feet for some relief.

How much compression do you need?

These socks come in one of four compression levels. Pressure measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg)

  • 8–15 mmHg: mild compression
  • 15–20 mmHg: moderate compression
  • 20–30 mmHg: firm compression
  • 30–40 mmHg: extra-firm compression

Can you wear plantar fasciitis socks all day?

Yes, as long as it feels comfortable, you can safely wear night socks for plantar fasciitis with custom orthotics.

Can you sleep in plantar fasciitis socks?

Affirmative! Night sock for plantar fasciitis are comfortable for you to sleep in and they don’t cut off your circulation, go for it. Socks can be a great alternative to bulkier night splints. Sleeping in a pair of supportive socks can help keep your plantar fascia stretched out overnight. Stretching helps reduce pain over time. If you sleep in the best socks for plantar fasciitis, you might also find that your first steps in the morning are less painful.

Should you wear plantar fasciitis socks with Shoes, Socks, or Inserts?

Experts say that there is really no saying about this. It really is about whether or not a particular combination is comfortable for you.

What makes plantar fasciitis flare up?

Activities that can increase the force through your feet and aggravate plantar fasciitis include: Running, walking or standing a lot in unsupportive shoes. Running, walking, or standing on hard surfaces like concrete. Carrying a heavy object or gaining weight.

What are the additional benefits of wearing plantar fasciitis?

  • Reduce swelling
  • Decreased muscle soreness
  • Improved circulation
  • Decreased calf cramping
  • Increased support for arches without wearing shoes
  • Soft, moisture-wicking, breathable fabric to enhance comfort
  • Silver microbial fibers in toe and heel for anti-bacterial and anti-odor benefits
  • Extra cushioning at the ball of the foot for additional comfort

Enjoy Your New Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

When you suffer from plantar fasciitis, a good pair of compression socks for plantar fasciitis is an important tool to help alleviate the painful symptoms. As you can see, the best socks for plantar fasciitis can help keep your plantar fasciitis symptoms at bay and provide comfort.

We sure hope you had found this guide useful and wish you the best in your hunt for a night sock for plantar fasciitis! Feel free to send us a message with comments or questions you may have. We are always happy to hear from you.

Photo of author
Izzy created this blog because she has tried dozens of pairs of shoes over the years and just about broke the bank to buy a pair of go-to everyday walking shoes that she can wear comfortably. She has made it her mission to find and recommend the best plantar fasciitis shoes, products, and exercise equipment for her readers.
Photo of author
Izzy created this blog because she has tried dozens of pairs of shoes over the years and just about broke the bank to buy a pair of go-to everyday walking shoes that she can wear comfortably. She has made it her mission to find and recommend the best plantar fasciitis shoes, products, and exercise equipment for her readers.